Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Open Blog - Tuesday

Cool shoes.


lizardmom said...

it has to be better than yesterday! Monday was brutal. Here's to a wonderful, happy day!

SER said...

3:35 in the morning and I could go for a hamburger and a beer...gezzzzz

Beejay said...

Up since 4:00 am. Going to be a long day... Yaaawwwnnnn.

OKIE said...

I switched my day off so I am home today.

LM - I have a confession. The decorations are coming down. Won't happen in one day but it will happen. And I'm not looking forward to it.

Have a great day everyone.

Beejay said...

OKIE, I'm so glad that's behind me. I found one item to put away. It's a sign "Watch your step. Rudolph was here."

lizardmom said...

OKIE, say it isn't so!!! much sadness. The neighbor and I will carry the torch for you for a little longer!

kkdither said...

I just noticed that the wreath is still on the front door and so are the jingle bells on the interior door. Those darn decorations linger.

I conked out last night around 8:30, balancing my laptop on my knees. Woke up and tried to go to bed. Was awake until 4am. That will fix me.

Did anyone see the large, slowly falling snowflakes today? I know you'll groan... but they looked kind of pretty. How does 19 degrees feel so warm? It's relative, I guess.

OKIE said...

I thought I had everything done and sure enough opened the front door to get the mat and there was my Santa Claus hanging on the door.
I've got 3 canisters in the dining room and three in the bedroom that need to be put up. I need help for that.

And now we get to figure out how to arrange the living room. We bought a recliner for hubby's back and now I need to figure out where to put the other one.

A woman's work is never done... sigh