Tuesday, February 10, 2015

About Last Stages of Alzheimer's!

I just seen this on my facebook and I listened to this and I have to tell you this put me into tears. This is about Glen Campbell going through the last stages of Alzheimer's. If you have anyone going through this they are not going to even know who you are at the end. Please listen to this and I promise you this will put everything into prospective for you on what is happening with them.


OrbsCorbs said...

Very touching.

lizardmom said...

I had an aunt with dementia, and it made her vulgar, hostile, belligerent, nearly possessed. Props to my uncle for taking care of her to the end. She was nothing but abusive to him. I have a regular who has dementia and she's just to opposite. Super sweet, but I guess on a daily basis, has been working on packing up her daughters house, she is sure they're moving (they're not). Her daughter just keeps unpacking, trying to keep up.

kkdither said...

It is never easy to let someone go gentle into that sweet night. This disease can be hideous and frustrating to family and the individual involved. The Campbell's will have the finances to get help when they need it. It might make it physically less of a burden, but still very hard to witness and deal with.