Friday, February 13, 2015

"Kentucky Bourbon Taste Test"

Bourbon was my favorite alcohol near the end of my drinking. A shot of Jim Beam with a beer back. Yahoo!

Don't use drugs! Drink bourbon instead.


kkdither said...

I'm not one to drink any hard liquor straight. That was pretty funny, though. There is a winery/distillery in Kenosha County near Bong. They will let you sample their goods. It goes down pretty warm. hahaha

OrbsCorbs said...

They should have done it like a wine tasting and spit out the booze after tasting it, then cleaning the palate with water or whatever.

Like I said, even I wanted a beer wash to get the shot down.

Toad said...

My wife doesn't drink anymore, but we went to Rochester MN. just for an overnight probably 10 years ago, and we sat In a nice bar, and she thought she would try Knob Creek. WELL, she kind of liked It, and had several shots. After shooting the breeze for some time with my daughter, I looked, and said "where your mom" she didn't know. We went outside, and she was walking down the middle of the road outside the bar. She was just a giggling fool. Got her In the car, and that life episode was over.

Unknown said...

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