Friday, February 13, 2015

"Man charged with 23rd Operating while suspended"

From RacineUncovered

"From the Mount Pleasant Police Department-On Thursday February 5th 2015 at 7:25 am a Mount Pleasant officer initiated a traffic stop on a 1998 tan Cadillac while traveling NB on STH 32. The officer confirmed that the registered owner had active warrants and a suspended driver’s license. The driver was identified as TOMMY SHAVERS, 25 from Kenosha. The Racine County Communications Center confirmed that SHAVERS had several outstanding warrants out of Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie for traffic offenses. SHAVERS was taken into custody and transported to jail. Additionally, SHAVERS was issued citations for:
 Operating while suspended (23rd Offense), forfeiture amount $ 313.00
 Operating without Insurance, forfeiture amount $218.50"

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How do you get to 23 operating-while-suspended citations in the first place?  At what point , if any, are those charged with  operating-while-suspended jailed?  50 offenses?  100 offenses? 


Toad said...

I personally know two kids up here that probably equal or surpass that. I don't get It?

OKIE said...

So let me get this straight. You can have pot and get put in jail for a few years but yet have how many DUI's and .......

kkdither said...

A multiple offender of DUI and multiple repeat operating without a license offender killed one of my immediate family members, and critically injured his child. I don't understand how these people just get a fine and are release back to reoffend. This happened out of state. It isn't just Wisconsin that is failing on this enforcement.

OrbsCorbs said...

Beth, at Racine Uncovered, lost her sister to a guy driving on a suspended license. I know she's worked with legislators to change laws.

Toad said...

As I told you about my friend being shot to death by the mother of their daughter. The bond was set at 250K, which means her family will come up with 25K and get her sorry ass out of jail. Our justice system Is a joke.

KK, I'm old now, and If what happened to you happened to me, I already know what I would do. What the hell Is the difference If I sit In a chair all day, or sit In a cell all day? Each and every day, I worry about my family, and all these screwballs they were married to at one time. I am a VERY non-violent person, but when it comes to family, I could never promise anything.