Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Officials continue to disagree over release of man in puppy death"

From The Journal

"RACINE — Call it the case of the dueling documents.

"And what it boils down to is whether bond documents for a Racine man released from the Racine County Jail last week reflect a $2,500 cash bond, or $2,000.

"His defense attorney contends only $2,000 was posted for his release, and he shouldn't have been set free because he still owed $500. Racine County’s sheriff staunchly maintains the document states $2,500 was the bail price, and all $2,500 was paid – leading to Fred C. Gossett’s rightful release."

"Gossett, 52, formerly of Park City, Illinois, near Waukegan, allegedly stomped on the puppy in a Racine home in 2012 -- with his son -- because the dog’s owner owed the younger Gossett $13. His defense attorney said in court on Wednesday that he called her Monday to inform her he wrongly had been released from jail because he still owed $500.

"Assistant State Public Defender Adrienne Moore, who heads the state Public Defender’s trial office in Racine, stated via text message on Thursday that 'the jail made a mistake' in releasing him.

“'Mr. Gossett's bond was changed from $2,000 (in 2013) to $2,500 (on Nov. 12) by the (judge). While he had previously paid $2,000, he had not paid the additional $500 to get out of jail so the jail clearly made a mistake.'

"Mistake? 'Not according to how my supervisors interpret the court documents,' Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling stated in a text message Thursday.

“'My jail supervisors book in and release 10,000 prisoners on average each and every year. I will take their word over a defense lawyer who failed to get the client to show up to court and has no experience doing bookings and releases like we do in a jail setting,' Schmaling stated."

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A puppy stomper, eh? 

What sort pf sick, disturbed, twisted mind does these things?

Imagine, he already has a son and is teaching him violence.  At what point do we interfere with another's actions? 

I think he needs neutering himself and a restraining order keeping him away from animals.


OKIE said...

I think someone should stomp on him.

kkdither said...

He needs to be kept away from all living things.

SER said...

unreal, the offence happened 3 years ago and they're still fighting over bail money.....