Monday, February 2, 2015

Open Blog - Monday

First he'll have to dig out from a foot of snow.


lizardmom said...

cute critters, too bad they get blamed for longer winters, I wouldn't want to take credit for that - ever!

Tender Heart Bear said...

Schools are closed today.

Drew could not go to work either because are car is blocked in by snow drifts. I talked to his supervisor and he said the parking lot at work is not plowed and one of the doors you can not get in it is covered by a snow drift.

kkdither said...

Instead of doing the right thing last night for families so they can make child care and work decisions, like Kenosha did, Unified waited until 4:45 a.m. to post the decision to close. The blizzard warning had already been extended until 3 am last night, with 45 mile an hour winds and additional snow continuing. Parkside even closed. Despite dangerous road conditions, and the wind chill will also be below zero. The local news just reported Case Corporation has closed.

Well, the didn't make me wait until my alarm to find out. They CALLED MY HOUSE and WOKE me up (with a start) an extra half hour early.

OKIE said...

How much snow did you guys get? It looked bad on the radar.

It was a great game with an ending all of us Packers fans can relate to. Looked like Seattle was going to win and then bam, it was gone.

And in other news, it would appear Bruce Jenner is transitioning to become a woman. I find this shocking only because he has been living with the Kardashians for years and I find that family quite disgusting. You have to really want to be a woman after going through that.

Stay home and safe Irregulars.

Beejay said...

Maybe rain here this afternoon. Sort of a dank day. Good day to wash clothes, and do some bookwork. Yuck.

Toad said...

OKIE, Do you suppose he will grow a gigantic ASS?

lizardmom said...

I got stuck ON a road, just trying to get to work, and had to drive way down the road and turn around, as the turn lanes hadn't been touched, nor the intersection to turn in to work... talk about taking the long way AFTER getting unstuck... the morning sucked. Once the sun came out, it was like a whole different day. More sun, less snow!

kkdither said...

I spent the day in bed. Looks like I had a sick day with the flu instead of a snow day.

p.s. thank you to my neighbor with the big snowblower. You have a dozen chocolate chip cookies coming to you once I am no longer too toxic to make them.

SER said...

I do believe you can say "this" Monday REALLY SUCKS!

there must have been a 3 foot wall in front of my garage door where the city plowed the alley.

I dive back and forth through it about 8 - 10 times then back through it into the garage. so if they plug it shut tonight all i have to do is blaze through it in the morning.

Did you see where some major bent down next to a groundhog and it bit him on the ear?

OKIE said...

Dear God Toad, I hope not. I feel bad for him as this should be a private matter, not a 3 ring circus.
I wish him well.
And I hope all the Irregulars get back to being Irregular again.

SER I did see him get bit. Yikes!

OrbsCorbs said...

I had to go out earlier. I had to rock the truck a few times to get it out. After that, the roads wren't too bad (This is in the afternoon.) My biggest concern was would my parking place be there when I returned. Luckily, it was.