Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Racine Mayor John Dickert And Other City Officials Allegedly Exchange City Emails Containing Words Such As 'Nigger' 'Coon' 'Wetback' 'Monkey' 'Ghetto' 'Kickback'"

From Racine Community Media:

"A witness in the federal case has testified in a federal deposition, that she heard
Mayor John Dickert proclaim: 'It is time for these niggers to go back to Waukegan.'

"The city appears to have failed to turn over the documents related to a major civil rights lawsuit against Mayor Dickert and various city staff and elected officials. The failure to do so has caused attorneys in the case to file a 'motion to compel' with the Milwaukee federal court, whats contained in the document is utterly disgusting, insulting and totally unacceptable and is leading to a huge increase in cost to the taxpayer of racine. Read the recently filed, motion to compel, at the link below.

"Racine residents demand to know the current cost of the lawsuit, city taxpayers have been footing the bill for over 10 months, paying for all legal costs for Mayor Dickert and the other city officials."

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kkdither said...

The use of those words are bad, but the mindset that it is okay to make generalizations based on a person's race or color is dangerous and unforgivable.

We have to remember that until proven guilty, one is to be considered innocent. Let's keep perspective and understand that politics are a dirty business... and things will be said, rather true or false, if it propels one parties agenda.

Unreal Racine said...

More double standards and pc lies from kd to justify racism and corruption as politics. It is not politics, it is illegal and immoral. They are guilty of corruption, you are merely guilty of ignorance, censorship and association.

You have proven your allegiance to corruption, and to silencing questions, criticism and dissent. You will likely remove this post as well as you have done many times before, but I hope it at least makes you feel proud and powerful.

kkdither said...

I will remove nothing.... yet.

You choose to name call, be nasty and assume you know my mindset, while you opt to be judge and executioner on cases without due process. I choose to let the laws of the land determine guilt from accusation. Sorry, but only the arrogant (and 2 year olds) assume they have all the answers. We've danced this dance before and it is old.

You visit our site regulary but choose to participate only when you want to attack and call us out by name.

OrbsCorbs said...


Unreal Racine said...

You can spin it any way you want. Go ahead and justify illegal and immoral behavior if you want. You can cover and spin corruption, censor comments and then change the story after the fact and claim you were spammed or attacked in some way. Let's not exaggerate and embellish this into something it isn't. There is no name calling, only the facts that are known about the corrupt administration. You are simply being called out whenever you support and condone this corruption, or escalate to lying and censoring comments. Do you even read what you write - these words are bad, but it's just politics and not a big deal, especially when used to discriminate and violate people's basic rights? Even your own friends on this site knew you were in the wrong before, and they will likely see your true colors again. I only comment when I see more lies, propaganda and cover up attempts to justify corruption as politics or a difference of opinion. That is wrong and shameful.

You are likely connected to some people on the wrong side of this corruption, but do you really want to wave their flag around? Instead of just leaving it alone you go out of your way to comment and put some spin on the story and justify some of the most heinous crimes possible - corruption with racial and collusive motivations.

One day you will learn the truth if you are not already aware. We will all have our day of judgment. If you can live with yourself while you support corruption and diminish the value and meaning of the victims' lives, then you can pat yourself on the back for being wrong again, and blindly stubborn.

This message may mysteriously disappear in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Unreal Racine said...

If your friend told you she was raped and you have witnesses, video tape, confessions, and medical proof, would you still tell her "Let's not make any assumptions and wait until the court tells you that yes you were raped first"?

And yes, it is an appropriate analogy.

OrbsCorbs said...

I'm the guy who posted this blog. I'm stopping comments. You can call me a fascist, but it's just not worth the hurt feelings.