Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Another Civil Rights Violation Lawsuit Is Filed Against The City of Racine"

From Racine Exposed:

"The City Of Racine is again being sued in Federal Court for alleged civil rights violations, this time it is Northwest Funeral Home out of Milwaukee who is suing Racine City Officials, claiming unfair treatment in their attempt to purchase the old Women’s Club at 740 Lake Ave. across the street from Marsh Meredith Funeral Home.

"The Federal Lawsuit alleges that Northwest Funeral Chapel had gained approval by the proper city commissions and had an accepted offer to purchase the building from the seller for $275K, only to be denied by the Racine Common Council.

"Less than 2 months later, The Marsh Meredith Funeral Home was granted permission by the Racine Common Council to purchase the property at 740 Lake Ave. for $225K and allowed to operate it’s funeral home without the same restrictions applied to Northwest Funeral Home just 2 months prior.

"The Federal Lawsuit alleges The City Of Racine had an ongoing policy and practice of showing favoritism and or bias in administering city government."

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SER said...

wow. when are they going to learn?

Lets keep pissing away money on lawsuits by showing favoritism

OrbsCorbs said...

Dickert & Co. were warned repeatedly that their various actions were illegal, but they plowed ahead (behind?) anyway.

The real losers here are the Racine County taxpayers who will be paying these legal bills for a long time to come.

It's shameful.

kkdither said...

I think the real losers are all of us... humanity. So many have lost their lives, fought to bring us together and now, everywhere, there is mistrust, hatred, separation. "Where have all the flowers gone...."

Kids really don't know how to deal with all of this. They are in mixed racial schools, trying to become the people they are meant to be, amid all this confusion and hate. Makes me sick.

Rotary Crimes and Other Misdeeds said...

It is because of liars and two-faced cheaters that things have become the way they are today. We can't trust our local government, or the local media, and they are being bought and paid for by corrupt local businesses.

Some JT Irregulars, cough cough, have contributed to this mess by downplaying racist corruption in Racine, and by promoting corrupt businesses in Racine.

Way to go.

How many more lawsuits need to be filed before you realize you were in the wrong? How many more lawsuits need to be filed before the criminal charges start to blow this thing wide open?

Do you still think we should 'wait for the courts' to tell you that Racine is corrupt to the core?

What businesses in Racine are you connected with, that are also connected to the corruption?

You can lie and cheat, and censor comments, and claim what a great person you are, or that aren't connected to the corrupt cronies in Racine, or you run away like others have done. We know the truth.

This comment will be removed in short order because someone can't possibly stand for the truth to come out.

OrbsCorbs said...

Does the truth involve brandy?

OrbsCorbs said...

"City of Racine-No comment on funeral home’s federal lawsuit against them" -

kkdither said...

Businesses connected to or supported by me= zero. Go back and check your fricking references. You have me mistaken with someone else. Once again, you fail.

Lies and pointed accusations directed at me posted by you = plenty

Comments deleted by me = 3. This occurred on 1 blog of nasty lies and threats personally directed at me. Other admins removed other posts where you could not control yourself. You have made assumptions without having the facts.

You must think I'm a guppy, an easy target. You choose to bully a woman who has no connection in any way to this. Way to go. As I said in previous posts, spend your time getting data that will stick on those you claim are committing these crimes. I have no problem with any of them going to jail.

And yes, I still want to the courts to sort through this. Sorry if you are unaware that that is how the system works... like it or not.

Rotary Crimes et al: You change your name and hide behind different personas. You speak of me like you personally have information about me... you are wrong on all levels. You can make all the claims you want, if you do it without personal reference and attack. You get personal, nasty and post stuff about me or any other Irregular that is untrue, out it goes. No apologies. Read our disclaimer: Administrators will moderate if necessary. Move on.

The Sheriff said...

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