Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Aurora Alert!

Big geomagnetic storm in progress today. I am watching aurora photos coming in from Europe right now and they are spectacular!

I just checked the Weather Underground and it is showing clear skies for Racine tonight so I figured I better post this quick!

There were aurora sightings from Wisconsin this morning before sunrise and the storm has intensified since then.

Oh, and it's a big one...no direct danger to people on the ground but strong enough that it could impact radio transmissions and GPS accuracy. Small chance some electrical grids could be tripped but probably not strong enough to cause permanent damage that would require extended downtime to fix.

Let me know if you see anything!


OrbsCorbs said...

I was just going to post this: "Solar storm could give Wisconsinites a view of northern lights tonight" - http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/solar-storm-could-give-wisconsinites-a-view-of-northern-lights-tonight-b99464255z1-296622881.html

kkdither said...

The news was showing Hartford having some luck. We have too much light pollution in the city. i looked, had to... nothing here. I'll check again in the morning. They also said that due to low dew points, the stars appeared brighter. That, I noticed. Cool beans. I sure would like to catch the Aurora, though.

SER said...

Northern Lights a fabulous to see. I had the opportunity to see then Ohhhhh 50 years ago in northern Wisconsin.

The way the dance with all the colors is amazing and it went on for hours.