Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my winter weary friends!  How are you?  This weather is ridiculous.  It’s March.  When does the warm up start?  I’m not asking for miracles, just some more seasonable weather.  It’s supposed to warm as the week progresses.  I hope so.  I’m sick of snow and ice and freezing rain.  Now, as the snow melts, comes the ugly snow banks showing dirt and trash that they’ve collected through the winter.

At least, I have “my boys” to do the snow removal around here.   Señor Zanza and Junior get the job done.  Junior expects some monetary compensation for doing a chore that I did many times as a youth without any payment.  Times have changed.  Junior knows better than to ask me, but Señor Zanza always pays him off.

Same old stuff in the city: robberies, burglaries, corruption and bribes.  The clock is running on the bar owners’ lawsuit against the city.  The legal fees must be astronomical, with plenty more to come.  Either way, we, the residents, lose.  It’s like hosting a party that you’re not allowed to attend.  Win, lose, or draw, we’re paying for it.  And we’ll probably never know the total cost.

Did you read in the Journal Times about the “second million dollar ticket sold at Durand Avenue BP?”

Darn. Sometimes I so wish that I didn’t take an oath to not mess with lotteries, sports, etc.  The Psychics Association of America sets high standards for its members. Eh, the money would probably kill me.  But I’d die with a smile on my face.

Less than 10% of registered voters voted in the last primary.  That says it all.  If the sheep don’t care, the wolves will take them all.

I love you, my dears, and thank you for reading my blog today.  I love visitors and I hope that you enjoy the blog.

“And we’ll probably never know the total cost.” Ask

Drive and walk carefully in this “winter wonderland.”  There are huge piles of snow everywhere.  Watch for children playing on them. Yesterday’s snow was “packy”- perfect for snowballs, snow forts, and snow men.  Take care of yourselves, Irregulars.  I love you all and I always imagine a huge group hug.  It feels good.


kkdither said...

I'm joining the group hug. I've had my shower and proper deodorizing of the day.

Toad said...

As the song goes Madame " Well I hope your feeling better, and I hope your feeling fine "

Toad said...

KK, I'll certainly give you a hug.

OKIE said...

Hugs? I'm in. Glad to have you back Madame. As for the weather, it looks like next week will be the first hint of spring. That's after the winter storm today, which so far has done nothing.

OrbsCorbs said...

I learned to like hugs in AA. Men of color do it naturally, but the old white men are freaked at the idea of hugging another guy.

lizardmom said...

I'm in for a good hug, long week, and now woke with a sore throat, not cool! and I've had it with dodging ice, I prefer to remain upright