Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my March madlings!  How are you?  Up or down?  Just like our temperatures.  This is typical of March.  The snow of a few days ago has already melted.    There have been a few days when I opened some windows and the fresh air smelled great and sunlight looked good in the house.  Unfortunately, that also highlighted the need for a thorough spring cleaning of our home.  Either I get a transfusion from Ms. Lizardmom, or Junior and Señor Zanza have a lot of work to do.  Maybe we could all get transfusions from her.  She’ll be anemic, but we’ll clean up a storm.  Sniff, sniff, I smell a moneymaking proposition.  Ms. Lizardmom, sell your blood to the highest bidders.  Once every two weeks or so, sell a pint of Ms. Lizardmom’s Special Reserve Spring Rejuvenating and Cleaning Blood.  Only $100 or best offer.  Go for it!

Here’s a large image of yours truly: Oh my.

The sins of Mr. Mayor Dickert and his cohorts will be visited upon us all.  That’s just the way the criminal cookie crumbles.  I must constantly fight the temptation to cast a “reality spell” upon the city’s voters.  I may not interfere.  I just wish more of Racine’s voters would wake up.  I predict a win for Mr. Mayor Dickert unless challenger Mr. Pastor Hargrove steps up his game, quickly and surely.  Even then, I doubt his chances.

Mr. Mayor Dickert and cohorts have brought another lawsuit upon the city.  This time, over the sale of the Women’s Club building.  Another black eye for Racine.  I can’t wait for the Machinery Row quagmire to drag us down further.  Still, I don’t think that the JT Irregulars is a place for personal attacks like this one:  Fuck that shit.  Once I and the rest of the JTIs have finished putting our mojo on you, expect a slow, agonizing death.

The political campaigns will soon start ramping up their bullshit machines for the coming, April7, election.  Campaign phone calls.  Campaign workers at the door.  Campaign ads in the newspaper.  Campaign material in the mailbox.  Some of those mailings are on expensive, heavy stock.  I try to recycle those, after Junior is done using them for target practice with his pellet gun.

OK, I know that Racine is a “broke” city.  Things are so bad that we’ve had to cut back on city services and take down some streetlights.  Mr. Mayor Dickert begged the nonprofits for money.  Blah, blah, blah, we’ve all heard these things before.  We’ve also heard about roundabouts, Machinery Row, the Uptown Project, the City Hall upgrade and other project after project.  Where does the money for these niceties and toys come from?  Why is State Street lit up at night like a landing strip for a 747, while inner city streets go dark?  How come there is never enough money for residents’ needs, but plenty of dough for Mr. Mayor Dickert’s cronies and their developments?

I think not till we return to the streets like we did in the 60’s will our government take us seriously.  “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  Tumult and turmoil because the corrupt have been our “leaders” for too long.  Break out your old gas masks and man the barricades.

When I’m not saving the world, I’m here visiting with friends.  You all have a special place in my heart.  Thank you for coming here.

Who let the dogs out?  Ask

The weather will warm eventually.  In the meantime, enjoy what we get.  The light lasts longer into the evening.  Do what makes you happy.  And watch for children and motorcycles on the road.


kkdither said...

Heard this on the news, but didn't verify for correctness. Daylight savings time has been challenged many times. The most recent time, during the earlly 60's. They were ready to do away with it, and the makers of Kingsford charcoal lobbied and said it would reduce the hours of barbecue time and be a financial detriment to their company. So.... of course, we kept it.

Madame, I, too, get the push to clean everything in the spring. I think the added light, not only gives me more energy, but it shows the dirt I've been ignoring.

lizardmom said...

ahaha! don't give the vampires any ideas, there, Mme Z!
By the way, I'm watching your earlier appearance on I Dream of Jeannie on channel 6.2 right now, what a hottie you were back then! We can see your stunning charm has always worn well on you :)

Rotary Crimes and Other Misdeeds said...

"Once I and the rest of the JTIs have finished putting our mojo on you, expect a slow, agonizing death."



That is after you have previously threatened others before for asking questions and having comments censored because they disagreed with the corrupt moderators.

Really, JT Irregulars? Do you really want me to point out the VERY SPECIFIC CONNECTIONS SOME OF YOU HAVE TO THE CORRUPTION IN RACINE? ironic the first two comments are from the VERY PEOPLE that have PURPOSELY LIED AND SUPPORTED CORRUPTION IN RACINE. Do you even know who each other are, or what associations you have?

Several of you are liars and cheaters, and you lie to your friends to get them to bully others. And now you want to THREATEN MY LIFE OVER IT?


SER said...

I know what will cure's called high speed lead.

OrbsCorbs said...

At first I thought you wrote "high speed head." What a way to go.

Thanks Mme. Z for another scintillating blog.

Beejay said...

I always liked the word "scintillating." Sounds so musical to my ears!