Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Russia’s Pravda Bashes Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker"

From Racine Exposed:

"Russia’s Pravada runs a hard hitting Editorial titled: 

"Will Wisconsin’s ignorance become America’s ignorance again?

"And makes RE wonder – what happened to the spineless Wisconsin State Journal and The Journal Times? The times they are a changing when Pravda is telling great truths about American Politicians and the Political Environment – while American Newspapers cover up the truth and actively war-monger."

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Toad said...

Shocks the shit out of me, How bout you?

TSE said...


Don't look for it in American Newspapers or TV-Land News.

kkdither said...

It is more than scary stuff. Finally, a political story I can whole heartedly agree with.

Walker said it himself, and was caught on tape while talking to a billionaire potential supporter on his plan to strip our state... DIVIDE and Conquer. He started the hate against public workers. Many bought into it. After all, it didn't affect their jobs..

They claimed it was all about shortages and money. It was about cutting the fat, getting rid of poor workers That was not the case. It was workers voices that were silenced. Many of the excellent teachers and skilled workers have left their profession or are looking to leave because working conditions are no longer a debatable item. People are making significantly less income and are working more hours and doing way more during those hours.

Now, the private sector madness begins. Bring in the two tiered work force. Slowly train low wage earners to replace the middle class workers. Then put the pressure on or make it impossible for the older, experienced, higher paid workers to meet expectations. Offer early retirement incentives, or just force them out.

Greed. Ignorance. Lack of value in education. We get what we deserve. The road map has been printed. Fools to think that the promises of tax cuts will benefit the masses. How did you like your tax cut pizza? Was it worth your freedom? Women's rights are in jeopardy. Your health care is in jeopardy, your social security benefits. Will we start to pay attention or will we be further snookered?