Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Commentary: "Why Did Mt. Pleasant Giveaway $1M+ In Secret Sewer Amendment?"

From RacineUncovered:

"Commentary from Jerry Garski a Candidate for Mt. Pleasant President. 

"In August of 2014, the Village of Mt. Pleasant Board voted to amend the Caledonia Sewer contract in closed session. The amendment includes forgiving interest owed to Mt. Pleasant by the Village of Caledonia on $5 million in exchange for a lump sum of $150,000 and lowers the interest rate for future payments.

"We know this because of a open records request filed by residents currently living on Highway V in the Village of Mt. Pleasant.

"Buried deep within nearly 250 documents is a copy of the amendment signed by Village President Mark Gleason. Nowhere in Village minutes is this action reported a potential violation of Wisconsin State Statutes.

"When the Board of Trustees goes into a closed session, they are required by law to report back out what they did. This 'secret' vote came as good news to the Village of Caledonia Board of Trustees who commended Village Administrator Janiuk for his 'effective negotiating' a few days later."

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