Monday, April 27, 2015


God, I feel sorry for the old-timers who live here.  We get notes like this posted all over the place.  Simple stuff, like telling people not to throw trash in the hallways.  When they dropped the 55 age limit, the animals started moving in.

Someone on a bike is doing donuts in the basement parking area.  People are propping doors open that are supposed to remain shut.  I hear stereos blasting.  And on and on.  These are our "golden years." 


Toad said...

Orb's, Just remember. They are the future. I feel bad for my Grandkids..

kkdither said...

I've had some very bad neightbors. It can make you or break you.

As for the future, it is easy to blanket judge the new generation, but there are some awesome kids still out there. I met one today, who could have easily just not acknowledged me. He spoke up, and held a very grown-up conversation with me. Good kid. There are some left.

OrbsCorbs said...

They've sunk a ton of money into this place and continue to do so. There's a parent company and I don't think they'd be stupid enough to rehab the place and then let it get torn to pieces by some tenants; I hope.

It's funny, cause the other day I was in the elevator and looking to see if there was a camera. (They wired the whole place with surveillance cameras first thing.) The ceiling is that suspended plastic mesh. I looked, but couldn't see anything. Anyway, I arrived at my floor. If there was a camera, I didn't want to be seen on it staring at it. The post about dirty feet proves no camera.

And, just to make this longer, on my way to get the mail I passed a young guy in the hallway with some tools in his hands. We traded hellos. When I walked back from the mail room, we met again, him going in the opposite direction. Suddenly, the guy looks at me and asks, "You wouldn't know anything about disc brakes, would you?"

What are the odds? I was stunned by the question. Then I told him what he had to do. It was so weird...

OKIE said...

My neighbor has enough money for Old MacDonald's Farm but doesn't have money to trim the bushes in the front yard that haven't been touched in 2 years. What do you do.
I agree with you Orbs, if they are sticking a lot of money in it, that is a good thing.

Toad said...

KK, Of course good kids exist. Don't you suppose Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, etc. were all "Good Kids" of their generations? I know It's a glass half empty thought, but that Is how I see It. We are at a tipping point now. Imagine 15 to 20 years from now. I really am sorry, but It looks bleak.

If you watch TV right now, you will see the MAJORITY of the BLACK people of the CVS store working to clean the mess up. BLACK people have been stereotyped forever, and YES GOOD black people are out there, Many more good than bad. Most are quite sad about the fires, etc.

I'm just babbling now so I'll quit. but I'm just disgusted with some peoples lack of caring, which Is really much of the ROOT cause.