Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Bruce Jenner: ‘For All Intents And Purposes, I Am A Woman’"

"LOS ANGELES ( — Former Olympian and reality star Bruce Jenner expressed Friday that’s he’s always been confused about his gender identity in a sit-down television interview amid reports that he’s transitioning into a woman.

“'I’ve been thinking about this day forever and what I should do with my life. How do I tell my story? How do I tell people what I’ve been through? And that day is today,' he said.

"The emotional interview with Diane Sawyer marked the first time the 65-year-old former U.S. track and field star addressed the rumors.

“'Bruce [is] always telling a lie. He’s lived a lie his whole life about who he is and I can’t do that anymore,' Jenner said. 'For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.'"

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Thank you, Bruce, for your performance in the Olympics.  Hello, "Brucette," for your transgenderism.

I hope you're sure, because I don't think they can turn your willy rightside out again.  And Lord knows what happened to your balls. 


OKIE said...

Orbs, you are cracking me up. I watched part of it and I have to say I do feel sorry for him. He has had to live his life in a body that he never felt right in. No one knows our bodies better than ourselves.
I wish him luck as well as all the other ones out there facing the same challenges. Walk a mile in their shoes.

kkdither said...

I've been seeing news reports in a series on channel 4 of children at a very young age who, with acceptance of their parents, are making changes. Due to the very high suicide rate of teens and young people who struggle with gender identification, and the shunning and bullying, the newest train of thought is to let them live how they choose, and how feel from the time they begin to vocalize their difference. Hormones and surgery can always wait until after puberty and into adulthood.

It is odd... for sure, to those who can't conceptualize or understand. However, it is traumatic for those involved.

Toad said...

I wonder If the runner-up In the Olympic Decathlon gets the medal from Bruce. Either that, or It's HISTORY that a woman won a men's event. Personally I don't believe any of It.

Toad said...

OKIE, Other than the obvious differences Men and Women have, WHAT makes a Woman and a Man different? How do you feel different than I do, What do you want, that I don't want? Everybody Is the same except for the obvious. He has the strength and stamina of a Man. Cannot a woman train, and gain the same strength? It takes a Man and A woman to make a child, and the woman was chosen to carry that child, and built accordingly. Personal opinion. WE ARE THE SAME.

OKIE said...

Toad. How many periods have you had? We are very different. You have lived in a house full of women so you deep down know how different we really are.
I will admit to not comprehending all of it, but at the same time I never understood the hormonal hell I went through every month for a long time.Do you not remember your wife's pregnancies.
These people know something isn't the way it is supposed to be and I'm thankful we live in a day and age where they can get fixed.

Beejay said...

While this decision made by Bruce and does not affect me or my life, I think perhaps a lot of people have lived a life in the wrong bodies.

My maiden name is Jorgensen...yep, first transgender was an American GI named George Jorgensen who became Christine Jorgensen back in the 50's. Not related as far as I know. But, his decision to become a she did affect my oldest brother. He was in his early teens when this occurred. First fist fight he had and probably his only one. He won.

It never bothered me, but I am 11 years younger than my brother. I looked at things a bit differently. Do we condemn people trapped in the wrong wrapping to live an unhappy life? Do we look to science to help these people? Hard to understand? Of course, it is. But, I feel strongly that since science can correct these mistakes, it should.

I know I went to school with a young boy who wanted to be a girl. I hope he could achieve that some day. I hate to think that we as a society feel we have the right to say what life these people should live. At the same time, I agree with kk that decisions should be delayed until after puberty.

Toad said...

OKIE, I understand what you say, but that Is part of the OBVIOUS difference. Many, Many women believe they are the same as men with only the anatomical differences. I give up. It's too difficult to explain, or understand. I guess my attitude Is, I really don't give a darn that I'm a man vs. a woman. I suspect that since Billions of woman have managed to endure the functions you mention. For a bit of humor. Us men have had to endure your periods sometimes also. LOL.

OKIE said...

Toad. You had me laughing at the end. I guess it boils down to we've never known what it feels like and never will.
Hopefully it's opened up a new conversation and people will be more understanding.

Toad said...

OKIE, That question just occurred to me, How does It feel to be a woman, or better yet, WHY would a person want to be the other? I want to know HOW I would know I want to be a woman, or visa, versa?

Toad said...

OKIE, I'm still waiting. HOW does It feel to be a Woman?

I'm a Man, but cannot explain how It's feels to be a Man vs. a Woman? I would like to know the answer to "I've felt like a Woman In a Man's body my entire life" HOW? I can't bear a baby, I don't have menstrual cycles, I can stand and easily pee, I would think the same feeling of love, lust, fantasy are all the same, so why would a Man feel like a Woman?

I just plain don't get It, and I really think It's a bunch of hogwash. Maybe they just want to be able to go into the Ladies room, and listen to the ladies Pee? My sister Karen told me once, some guy's like that, when I scolded her on the phone. I don't like It.