Saturday, April 25, 2015

"City of Racine named as defendant in another lawsuit alleging discrimination"

From Racine Community Media:

"Fox6 News in Milwaukee reports on the second federal lawsuit to be filed against City of Racine officials & Racine Mayor John Dickert within the last year!

"More allegations of unfair treatment and discriminatory practices plague the City of Racine.

"Both cases are currently in federal court"

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And: FOX 6 News Reports On Another Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against The City of Racine -


SER said...

People love him, they love to be punished so they voted him in again.

OrbsCorbs said...

What bothers me the most is that the taxpayers will bear the huge financial burden this will entail. Lying John isn't going to lose a penny. "There's no such thing as bad publicity," or something like that. He's slick, a born politician. He's good at what he does, which is lie.

kkdither said...

This is such a shame. There is no trust, no truth anymore.

Yes, orbs, it will stretch out forever until it is too late to rectify, even if it does prove to be discriminatory, as the accusations continue to mount in that direction. It will fall to the taxpayers, and hurt the city and citizens. It always does.

Pretty sure he got elected again not because of his performance or merits, but because the opposition was not a strong candidate, and a more frightening proposal to those who actually go out and vote.