Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dear hens and roosters!  How are you?  We’re slowly getting there, weather-wise.  There was one day that hit the high 60’s or 70.  Now we’re stuck in that 40’s rut again.  We should remember, though, that it’s still only April.  As I understand it, we go into spring with low water levels and tables, again.  Even with all this rain, we’re still low.  See for yourself:
Our fabulous Green Bay Packers play their season opener on Thanksgiving evening against the Chicago Bears at Soldiers Field.  Brett Favre’s number will be retired during the game, unless it changes its mind.

Today is Earth Day.  Take time out of your day to stoop down and kiss some dirt.  Tee-hee, no, but it wouldn’t hurt to spend some time studying your habits to see where you could recycle or otherwise “Go Green.”  Even though some people supposedly own pieces of the Earth, the fact is that we’re all here temporarily and should strive to make the Earth a better place for our having been here.  Recycling products makes them cheaper in the long run.  Dialing down the amount of fertilizer that our farmers spread would be a big help with runoff issues.  Growing your own garden is fun and you get rewarded with the vegetables or fruits that you planted. There are myriad ways to “Go Green.”

Racine recently voted to allow backyard chickens.  No roosters and no more than 4 hems.  Back home, we had Romanian Red Terror chickens.  They stand about 5 feet tall and weigh 160 pounds.  They’re as good as any watchdog.  Burglars see them and decide to go elsewhere.  We had a couple in the house that were like pets.  They even ate at the table with us.  Heaven forbid that mom serve chicken.  All hell would break loose! 

The big thing with Romanian Red Terror hens is obtaining their eggs.  They’re not like regular chickens where you can reach down and grab an egg or two.  Romanian Red Terror hens will fight you for their eggs.  Be sure to wear body armor and a thick helmet when you go for their eggs.  Some sort of facial covering would be good, too.  I’m thinking NFL® helmets.  Their eggs are the size of soccer balls.  No one knows what they taste like because all attempts at egg retrieval have ended in the deaths of those trying to get the eggs.

And on that note, my dears, I’m finishing off this week’s blog.  I love you all.  May you be blessed with health and love.  I have the best damn readers on the internet.

A load shared, is a load halved:

Watch out for all the people taking in the beginning of spring.  The release of their cabin fever may make them do crazy things, like ride their bicycles to and from work.  And if you hear and see a “boom car,” smash into him for me.   


lizardmom said...

there is no lack of crazies out there, wowsers!

Tender Heart Bear said...

Once the snow had melted all the crazy drivers came out. When I take Drew to work to do errands or Dr. Appointments I am getting cut off like crazy as if I am not even there. Just be careful out there today coming back from taking Drew to work I see about four state police.

I hope everyone has a great day!

kkdither said...

I was honked at this morning. Not just a toot, but a road rage, long HONK. Evidently, someone needs a refresher on 4 way stop protocol. Honk away.... idiots.

I forget which comedian said that there are idiots and maniacs on the road. You can distinguish them apart by whether they are in front of you, or behind you.

Toad said...

Regarding CHICKENS. I prefer to buy mine all cleaned, and dressed at the store. They cost about $6.00 EA. Make certain you cook them WELL, and everything will be just fine. I'll bet you can even get one all cooked for about $8.00. WHY would someone want those damn things running In their yards, EGGS? They are even cheaper. $.99 a dozen right now at Walgreens, and I think Kwik Trip?

OrbsCorbs said...

I, too, hate the Boom Cars. Some of them look like clown cars with insanely tall wheels and thin tires on them.

Thanks for your blog, Mme. Z.