Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my sugars and spices!  How are you?  It got pretty warm yesterday, but it’s supposed to be cooler today.  Don’t worry.  More 60+ degree days are in the forecast.  Admittedly, Ms. OKIE and Ms. Beejay are well into their springs.  The rest of us must be tortured by winter in order to appreciate spring.  What the hell is the matter with us?  Why do we take the punishment?  We should become snowbirds.  Next winter, Ms. Beejay and Ms. OKIE, expect guests.  Lots of them.  For the whole winter.  Maybe longer.  See you then.

At least the daffodils and some tulips have bloomed.  There are many more tulips to come.  And many more other flowers to bloom.  And many more trees to leave in.  And many more shrubs to do the same.  People are mowing their lawns.  That’s a sure sign of spring.  Once again I consider ripping out all the grass around the house and replacing it with green concrete.  I know that Junior, who usually cuts the lawn, is all in favor of my idea.  Señor Zanza, not so.

Oh, come on, I’d never take out whatever turf we have.  The more organic green, from chlorophyll produced during photosynthesis, is my green.  You can’t run barefoot on hot, green concrete.  And if you fall, ouch!  You can’t even grow dandelions on concrete.  As Joni Mitchell, who either is or is not in a coma, once sang in “Big Yellow Taxi:”

“They took all the trees                                    
Put 'em in a tree museum
And they charged the people                                       
A dollar and a half just to see 'em”

I like the feeling of earth under my feet.  Too bad I’m getting too old, too heavy, and too self-conscious to walk around barefoot anymore.  At least, outside of my yard.  I think I broke a toe once on the grass.  It snagged on something, and the fourth toe on the left foot dragged lower than the other toes, turning purple.  I had to watch how I walked for awhile when I had on only sox or slippers.  I still snagged the toe a few more times before it finally healed.  I screamed in agony each time.  Such a small toe, but such a big pain.  Reminds me of young Junior.  No, just teasing.  Actually, I’m quite proud of him.  When you’ve gone through the things that he has, it usually leaves a negative attitude.  But Junior bounces right back up from adversity.  Maybe some of that “baby fat” is flubber.

Rev. Melvin Hargrove has been elected the head of the Racine Unified School District: That’s the same Rev. Hargrove who recently lost against Mr. Mayor Dickert in Racine’s mayoral election.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire, eh, Rev. Hargrove?  I wouldn’t want either job.

It bothers me that people post blogs and comments like this one by Ms. Polly Pundit:   There’s a vague uneasiness, a malaise, which has affected our country.  Nothing seems to make sense anymore.  Nothing seems worth fighting for.  We are a land of people staring down into our gadgets while the world goes passing by.  I feel like a runaway train is headed our way, but it’s too far away to make out much now.

That’s it for this week, my dears.  I humbly thank you for visiting my place on the internet.  I love getting visitors.  The more the merrier.  Tell all your friends, Madame Zoltar® loves them.

Turn your blender into a lawn mower:

Enjoy whatever good weather we get.  It just feels better with all the snow melted.  I love the Irregulars and regulars.  I think we can love evil to death. 


OKIE said...

Madame - I will have the spare room ready for any Irregulars that come our way.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Madame- Yes the Daffodils are in bloom also the wood violets are up too. I will be posting the pictures soon.

I can't wait for the warmer weather to come so I can walk around barefoot again. I will always walk around barefoot as long as the warm weather is here. I hate wearing shoes.

Toad said...

Madame, I rather enjoyed "Polly Pundit's" post, and the comments that followed. Baltimore Is just ONE part of this country's HUGE problems. Right now were at a simmer, but I fear boiling, and boiling over Is not that far away.

To the MOM of the impressionable youg black man that slapped him, and got him OUT of trouble, GOOD FOR YOU. I hope he sees this video In 10 years, and see's WHY she did what she did. Above all, I hope he succeeds In life, and understands violence NEVER works.

Beejay said...

Three guest rooms! Lol.

Been a bit too warm here!

OrbsCorbs said...

Thanks for the blog, Mme. Z.

Polly Pundit said...

"It bothers me that people post blogs and comments like this one by Ms. Polly Pundit:"

I'm not sure if I should be offended or flattered that Madame Zoltar felt the need to include me in her blog.

I don't make the news; I shared a side of the story that isn't always reported. The link was not simply an accusation or my personal opinion, it was from a reputable source.

I've witnessed much harsher words spoken here by others that went without comment. Thank you, Toad, for your comment of support.

kkdither said...

I'm working at losing that self-consciousness. Life is just too short. Those who judge and have negative things to say about others usually have low self- esteem themselves. I choose to fly the Irregular flag, and the heck with them. There is a saying that goes, "Don't change so that others will like you. Be yourself, and the right people will like you."

Thank you, Polly Pundit for sharing your views with us. We are all worthy to have our own voice.