Friday, April 24, 2015

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! The week has gone pretty quick.... Thank God! After today, I start my vacation! Anyways, here are your questions....

1) When was the last you took a bike ride?

2) Do you make deadlines for yourself?

3) Do you associate with your neighbors?

4) What is your favorite casserole?

Enjoy your weekend!


OrbsCorbs said...

1) Mid-1990's when I was sobering up.

2) Of course. Then I can't make them and I get pissed at myself.

3) I'm in an apartment building. I don't associate with any neighbors, per se, but I know a few names and vice versa. Today, Ron (down the hall - he's named after Ronald Reagan) told me that he can't take the new shit in the building. He's moving out at the end of August, to a 55-and-up community in Kenosha.

4) I don't think I like any casseroles. My mother used to make what she called "Hot Dish." Basically it was noodles and cheese baked together in the oven. She added mushrooms. Is that a casserole? If so, that's my favorite.

Thanks for the questions, drew. I hope that you and Tender Heart Bear have a great vacation. You really,really deserve it.

Beejay said...

1. Been a few months. I need to get back on my bike.
2. Yes....Now do I keep them?
3. Yes...but keep them at a distance from my personal life. I visit with them outside of my home, but only when they happen to be out when I'm walking or working in my yard. Lessons learned.
4. Does moussaka count?

lizardmom said...

1. late teens, early twenties
2. all the time, I need the motivation
3. yes, I've got great neighbors, even the crazy one is coming around a little.
4. tuna casserole (NO peas!), and yesterday I tried one called Crazy Good Casserole. It was actually really good too. simple, and tasty, I'd make it again

OKIE said...

1. Maybe in the 80's. I brought my bike down here with me but then I sold it.

2. No.

3. Oh yes. Whenever we or our next door neighbors leave for a few days, we always gather the mail and watch each others houses. When I walk the dog, I do chat with neighbors that are out.

4. Yes. It's called slumgullien and it is quite good.

Thanks Drew. Have a great vacation with THB.

Tender Heart Bear said...

1) That would have to of been about ten years ago.

2) Yes and most of the time does not work.

3) Yes the one next door we help each other out.

4) Drew makes a really good breakfast one that I like.

Thank you everyone for saying have a good vacation. This is migration time so you know what we will be doing.

kkdither said...

1. Eons ago. I've propelled a Razor scooter within the past year for giggles, but haven't given a bike a try in quite a while.

2. My life is a deadline, eeeeeee.

3. Friendly waves and hellos. I like my privacy.

4. I like pie.

Mary, my mom used to make slumgullien (aka, clean out the refrigerator) all the time when we were kids. Must be a local dish? hahha

Toad said...

1. 8 years ago to work.

2. Hell NO.

3. As little as possible.

4. Lasagna.

Toad said...

Orb's, I'm gonna make that one, and test It on my wife. Would you please elaborate on the Cheese, etc. a bit?

Toad said...

Liz, Do you mean "late teens" like 1919, or were you a teenager? LOL

Toad said...

Mary, KK, I would love to try "Slumgullen" Please provide necessary information, at your earliest convenience. I shall be here In my Recliner (waiting to die as my daughter says" all day, and night.

lizardmom said...

Toad, I don't way 'back in my day' for nothing! :D

OrbsCorbs said...

Toad, I don't know the recipe. Noi as I think about it, therre was some ground beef in there, too.

You don't know how many times I've had a question and thought I'll ask mom or my sister. They're gone.

Beejay said...

Orbs, my mom lived into her 90's and I still think I can ask her a question. She's been gone seven years. Since she lived with us for the last nine years of her life, I think that's natural.

SER said...

1) bike ride?
about 2 years, ago. Made it about 4 houses down, got off and walked it back to the garage and hung it back up.

2) deadlines for yourself?
What are those?

3) your neighbors?
I don't 'hang' with them but i do have good neighbors.

4) casserole?
It's a toss up between tuna and tator tot.

kkdither said...

Toad, there is no real recipe. I think whatever meat was leftover, some tomato base or soup, spices and usually noodles or some starch. Somehow mom always made it edible. Some was better than others.

Toad said...

KK, OK, Now I know what your talking about. I never knew It had a name. We had that often. Our house was BETTER than a Vacuum Sealer. We had NO leftovers after the next day. EVER. My dad even ate the moldy cheese. He just cut the mold off. Stale bread was smeared with ground beef, onions, and an egg, mixed in, on top, and broiled. The grease ran right into the dried bread, and It was wonderful. Most roasts became HASH. Leftover baked potato's were cubed up, and a pkg. of hot dogs cut up, and added, and fried, like American Fries. REALLY good. She worked magic with everything to feed all of us.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Daddy Orbs are you sure you are not talking about Shepard's pie. That is what it sounds like.

OrbsCorbs said...

I googled "Shepherd's Pie." That's not quite what she did. I think she mixed browned ground beef, mushrooms, and boiled, flat noodles. Mix it all together and then top with slices of American cheese and stick it in the oven.

That's my guess. Mom never wrote down recopies. Everything was done from memory.

I swear, you could give us both the same ingredients to make something, and hers would be delicious, while mine would be compost.

OrbsCorbs said...

There's a good kid's argument. Instead of my dad can beat up your dad, how about my mom can cook better than your mom?

SER said...

My mom was the best, she was even the head cook for one of Racine's schools for years.