Thursday, April 9, 2015

Open Blog - Thursday

Enjoy your day.


lizardmom said...

Time is just flying by, and this weather roller coaster we seem to be on can stop, I'd like off now please!
THB, I hope the chiropractor can get things back where they belong. When one thing isn't where it should be, it throws everything else off.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Thank you everyone. I am just hoping this works out too.

I enjoyed the light show taking Drew to work this morning. It is a lot better than that nasty white stuff we have had and at least we know that spring is here with the rain.

Beejay said...

The heat of summer has arrived to SWFL. Lows of 70? Oh dear...Mother Nature must be feeling menopausal !

OKIE said...

Our severe storms turned out to be a wind event. The backyard fence is down again. I checked the rain gauge and not one drop is in there.

But it is warm outside so that is good.

Have a great one Irregulars.

SER said...

Rain here all night, just stopped a little while ago.

It's 41 but suppose to get up to around 55 today.

So, Be Well everyone

hale-bopp said...

On my run this morning, I ran down the Pantano Wash. They just finished filling in a gap in the trail and opened the new section a couple weeks ago. They are still working on some landscaping in the area.

A little more backgroud: The Broadway bridge over the Pantano Wash is home to a large bat colony estimated at about 20,000 bats. People go there at sunset to watch the bats stream out to hunt at night.

Today as I run up to the bridge, I notice a sculpture has been installed where the new path starts. The sculpture is on a pole about 20 feet high and features a large bat (wingspan probably about 15 feet) riding a bicycle. Yes, this is as awesome as it sounds!

OrbsCorbs said...

Green, green everywhere. So long, winter. I hate your guts.

kkdither said...

Some dark skies on and off today, with some pretty good downpours, but the temps were warm. Yes, everything is greening up.

The magic pills are doing a number on my energy level. The refrigerator has been cleaned, inside and out, the Easter ham has been removed from the bone and a big pot of split pea and ham soup is almost ready. Dinner at 5 - if I can hold out that long.

OrbsCorbs said...

Tornado sirens a little while ago. Poor Charlie freaked out.