Friday, April 10, 2015

Unintentional house 'pets'

Spiders don't scare me. 
I actually like having them around.
I know they eat other bugs and are fond of flies, 
so as long as they behave, they have a safe home here. 
Yes, I've even named a few. This one, is Jake. He hung out in our upstairs bathroom for some time. He's moved on, and I've lost tabs on him :(
Hopefully he's keeping his belly full of unwanted creepy crawlies!
Leggy Larry, however, wasn't a welcomed guest.
He meandered in front of me, just to the left of my monitor, Tuesday morning while I was waking up. I did not scream. I DID, however, gasp just a little.
I moved my light to shine on him and see if he'd scamper back wherever he came from. He, instead, chose to 'sun' himself for a bit, before darting into my feather duster that I keep behind my monitor, feathers up. I quickly took my duster out the back door and shook him into the great outdoors, before resuming my morning awakening. Long live Larry, somewhere else.
Life is never dull around here!


lizardmom said...

Clearly, Little Miss Muffet had nothing on me!

kkdither said...

If I have a broom or a solid shoe nearby, they don't stand a chance. Me-no-likey.

OKIE said...

Fly swatter. I hate creepy crawlies

OrbsCorbs said...

I, too, usually leave spiders alone because they eat other insects. Poor Leggy Larry. No one likes a centipede or millipede or whatever he is.