Saturday, May 2, 2015

"Author David Kherdian is coming home to Racine"

From The Journal

"Internationally acclaimed author and poet David Kherdian is coming home for a visit this month.

"The Racine native — whose large volume of work often draws inspiration from his time growing up here in the late 1930s and 1940s — recently released his memoir titled 'Root River Return' ( And he’d like to celebrate its release — along with the donation of his collected works to the Racine Heritage Museum last year — with his hometown community.

"Kherdian — who currently lives in New York state with his wife, award-winning writer/illustrator Nonny Hogrogian — will do so through a series of free public events being held in Racine May 19 through 24. His appearances have been coordinated by the Racine Heritage Museum, working in conjunction with other local organizations and individuals including the Racine Literacy Council, Racine Public Library, Racine Interfaith Coalition, Racine Arts Council, City of Racine, Root River Council and Racine’s poet laureate, Nick Ramsey (see accompanying story for event details).

“'David’s got such a huge body of work and so much of it is so locally significant,' said Chris Paulson, executive director of the RHM. 'Each event will provide different glimpses into his life and his work.'

"In addition to being great opportunities for both people who are familiar with Kherdian’s work, and those who want to know more about it, the programs will also provide insight to anyone interested in local history, Paulson said.

“'We will be rediscovering the community through his work,' he said.

"Kherdian said he is looking forward to once again exploring the city’s river, lake and park areas, as well as Downtown. It will be his first time back in Racine since 2008.

"In preparation for his trip here, the award-winning writer answered the following questions for Journal Times readers. More about Kherdian is also available at and—featured-author.html."

Read more:

"David Kherdian's Racine appearances:"

I've read some of his work.  He grew up around State Street, which used to be lined with small businesses of all kinds.


Anonymous said...


From the link:

Root River Return:

"One would be hard pressed to discover another writer in America who has so entered the soul of his own neighborhood...."

LOL! But the guy moved to New York State!

As for me - I will also quit playing the fool - and staying in an ugly S*ithole where Parents hate their children and there are no jobs. Only strife and arguing for what is left of the Community.

Farewell Racine!

kkdither said...

There is something to be said about coming home. I'll be interested to see what his perceptions of our once lovely city are.

With my employment years dwindling, my family no longer in Racine, I think about a calmer, more enthusiastic community in which to retire. One with better healthcare, less violence, one with a warmer climate, maybe?

I spent most of my life in this community, working, living, loving, working with the children, enjoying the beauty of the lake, the people, but things have definitely changed. It would be sad to leave, but maybe there are broader perspectives out there for me?

Beejay said...

I left Racine years ago for the tranquillity of Port Charlotte, FL. A much more relaxed town. Low crime, no gangs. I do not miss those winters.

SER said...

I taught him well when we were younger and I'm glad he stuck with it.

I just got to bored with it so I gave it. Dang, look where I could have been now...I'm soooo depressed.

Why Not? said...

I'm so jealous.. I love his work, I would love to be there to meet him. he's got a special spot on my bookshelf.. I left Racine as well but it will always be a special place, it will always be home.

Beejay said...

Why not, I, too, have some happy memories and some sad ones. That doesn't mean I'm gone forever. I will visit from time to time, but only in the summer!

OrbsCorbs said...

I stumbled upon him as a Racine author in the Racine Library back in the 70's, I think. He's been busy.

Slightly off-topic: if we had teleporters, people like Why Not could just teleport to an event and then back home again. Once again, science fails us.

SER said...

Orbs, the scientist in the movie "The Fly" he tried.