Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my sweet peas and sour pusses!  How are you?  Did you have a good Memorial Day weekend?  Memorial Day started out wet, but ended up a glorious day.  I read that we hit 80 degrees that day.  We (Señor Zanza, Junior, and me) spent the afternoon grilling out and hanging out in the backyard.

We have a regular old charcoal grill.  Junior, of course, wanted to set aflame the briquettes in the grill.  First, though, Señor Zanza had to tediously arrange every last briquette.  (I kept thinking, “They’re going to be ashes in an hour,” but I kept my mouth shut.)  Junior then soaked and soaked and soaked and soaked the briquettes with lighter fluid.  Then he went around one more time just to be sure.  He threw a lit book of matches into the grill.  I believe that the resulting fireball was visible in Milwaukee and set off nearby earthquake detectors.  That’s my boy. 

I can hardly wait for his summer vacation.  I haven’t told Junior yet, but I got him a summer job with a local lawn care company.  When times are tough, everyone has to kick in.  Señor Zanza, of course, always has all the money he needs.  Where and how he got the money is his business. 

Of course, my judgment might be colored by the fact that Señor Zanza insists upon paying half of all our monthly bills, plus rent.  Do you know how much a teenage boy eats? Señor Zanza pays for half of that and the teenager is not a blood relative.  The Señor has brought nothing but goodness into our household.  So, I don’t care where he gets the money.  In fact, I don’t want to know.  The less I know, the less guilty I’ll appear if something is amiss.          

I must say this: Señor Zanza has never brought anyone to visit our home.  He says that’s for our protection. When I push him on it, he says he wants our home and us to remain safe from certain elements.  That’s as far as it ever gets.  He’ll say no more.

I must admit that I do feel “safe” in his presence, yet this old gal can hold her own against the best.  Señor Zanza and I have a complicated relationship, but he appears to be a good role model for Junior.  As longs at that continues and he causes no trouble for us, I like having him around.  Sometimes, I like it a lot.

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Hey, here’s a video featuring “Animal sound Man:”

What a riot at parties and funerals.

Thank you all, my dears, for reading my blog today.  I love visitors and I love you.  Let’s take care of each other.

Who knows what no one else knows?

Enjoy the warming weather, my loves, even if you have to dodge a rain drop or two.  [That statement is not valid in the southwest region of the United States of America.]  Floods, storms, tornadoes and wind have marked this spring.  Let’s hope summer is a little better.   


OKIE said...

Some of those sounds are very familiar. Thanks Madame.

OrbsCorbs said...

As soon as I heard the guy do a rooster, I thought of you, OKIE.

Thanks Mme. Z. for another great blog.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Madame Z- I know what you are talking about because I was in the situation as you are. I am just so happy I found a wonderful man like Drew that loves my kids just as much as his son.

SER said...

Uhmmmmm, that guys is....I don't, gifted?

kkdither said...

The week and the world is just not right without a little. Zoltar. Thank you, Madame, for sharing your time with us! Relish the teenage years, they pass quickly. Once they leave your home, you miss them dearly.

lizardmom said...

we have a gas grill, so I haven't had 'fun with fire' yet, I could be quite dangerous!