Monday, May 25, 2015

Open Blog - Memorial Day



lizardmom said...

am I the only one that gets annoyed by all the "Memorial Day " sales that have nothing to do with the true intent of the day??

OrbsCorbs said...

That, and all the people who say or publish, "Happy Memorial Day!"

It's not a "happy" day. It should be more somber.

But, hey, I remember when almost all stores were closed on Sundays.

OrbsCorbs said...

I also remember my dad parking his DeSoto Adventurer in the shade on Memorial Day and the whole family had to pitch in with the paste waxing of the car. It seems the wax was harder to rub off in the old days.

Dad would have the radio tuned to the Indy 500. One of their friends was a distant relative of one of the drivers: Bill Vukovich. They always cheered him on.

kkdither said...

We always marked the day with a visit to the graves of relatives. It was usually followed by a family get together. While I understand the unusual feeling one can get from saying "happy memorial day, " it has been said for many generations.

This is a good read:>

OKIE said...

If I remember correctly (I am waterlogged) we went to the cemetery as well.
Plus, it meant only a few more weeks of school. They are done down here already.

kkdither said...

We go until the 12th... not that I'm counting. I have a ton of stuff left to do to finish out the year. I will be letting go of 130 kids I worked with personally, and will anticipate a new crew next year. You really grow to love them.

All things considered, not looking too shabby for being the mother of tens of thousands of kids over the years. ;>

SER said...

If you think about it, it’s not ‘just’ to say “those who fought…”. Reason being and using an old saying, “in the rear with the gear”, there were many men and women who didn’t fight but were just as important to the war effort.

Such as all the men and women who were in the MASH units. The scores of those who handle all the logistics, moving food, fuel, ordinance and all the other support the troops in the frontlines needed.

So yes, it is a “Happy Memorial Day” because of those who gave; we are STILL a FREE NATION.

OKIE said...

Well said SER.

Toad said...

It IS a somber day, as It Is FOR the Men and Women that lost they're lives In all the wars.

VETERANS DAY If for ALL soldiers, cooks, truck drivers, etc. that contributed to the military effort, not just war.

Memorial should NOT be a Happy day, perhaps Veterans day could.

I remember going to Johnson Park In the 60s with the family, and the 500 was on the radio. That was the year of the horrible crash that took the life of Eddie Sachs.

OrbsCorbs said...

My next door neighbor wished me a "Happy Memorial Day" today. I said, "The same to you," and she thanked me.