Thursday, May 21, 2015

Open Blog - Thursday

Hey, Snoopy! I get to ride next.


Beejay said... done, paper read.

OKIE said...

Up and enjoying sunshine. Until the rains hit tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Oh well what can you do. I would like it a little warmer though as right now it is 52. Brr.

Have a great day Irregulars.

lizardmom said...

wow, I think I lost a day or so, how it it become Thursday/almost Friday already? From Friday afternoon thru Tuesday morning, I may have gotten a total of 10 hours sleep, I require infinitely more than that! Sister family stress is at a standstill, annual work inspection is over and went well, and my crazy knee, went back to where it was supposed to be, and I actually got sleep last nite! Bring on the weekend, I have much more sleep to catch up on!

OrbsCorbs said...

I wanna ride on Snoopy's putt-putt.

kkdither said...

I've always liked Snoopy. School is crashing to an end and getting everything wrapped up has been an enormous task. I'm already in bed for the night but wanted to check in before calling it a day. Zzzzz.