Thursday, June 18, 2015

Racine Showing of Pattern Or Practice Tonight

Bump: the showing is tonight.

Originally published on 5/11/15, 10:17 PM

Tickets go on sale May 15, 2015

Showing: Thursday, June 18, 7:30PM - 9:13PM
at Marcus Renaissance Cinema
10411 Washington Ave, Sturtevant, WI, US, 53177
$10.00 General


Toad said...

Certainly been a long time with NOTHING happening as a result of this movie?

OrbsCorbs said...

Toad, a federal lawsuit has been filed against Racine because of this movie. It just takes the feds forever to get things done.

SER said...

Wilber from Vipers is a very nice guy, i have been in his bar several times and he does have some awesome food there.

some people in the neighborhood don't want the bar there so they complain about every little thing. OH some one peed in my yard, they dropped their beer can on my lawn and the media (we know who that is) blows everything out of proportion when they print about it.

kkdither said...

Sorry, I can't even make myself watch this. Where are we headed? I see in the news that a white man entered a church and started shooting innocent people. People need to stop this racial bias. The division and HATE is rampant: color, political affiliation, sexual preference... the list goes on and on. It needs to stop.