Friday, June 26, 2015

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! Another week has come and gone... More of the old same, same old thing. This time, I'm having a longer weekend. Anyways, your questions....

1) Who does the packing for a vacation?

2) What major surgery you've had?

3) Any summer movie do you want to see?

4) Do you think the Confederate flag is racist?

Enjoy your weekend!


OKIE said...

1. We both pack.

2. Two ear surgeries and that's it.

3. I'd like to see Jurassic Park but will wait.

4. Yes I do. It reflects a sad time in America.

Thanks Drew! Have fun on your trip.

Toad said...

1. Not me.

2. Tonsil's at age 25 nearly bled to death 3 day's later, and a Heart Stent In 2000.

3. No.

4. Yes, The Union lost the war, and the flag belongs In a museum as a historical reminder, NOT as a daily reminder of what the war was about.

Why Not? said...

1. I do most of the packing but make everyone help out a little

2. I had a skin transplant to cover a pretty nasty sore on my leg (a 4 wheeler accident when I was 17) still have a pretty gruesome scar on my left leg..

3. I'd like to see Paper Towns because I just read the book a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it very much

4. Yes very much so.

kkdither said...

1. Every man for himself. I did it for the kids when they were very little, but quickly reassigned the task. I remember several times one or the other forgot underwear. Ah... sweet memories.
2. No cosmetic stuff, but things specific to unmentionable "ladies things." As the late Joan Rivers said, "Can we talk?"
3. I see coming attractions and occasionally think they look good, but haven't been to a movie in years. Must not be high on the priority list. A lot of the scary genre or the big, blow 'em up sort, or the sappy tear-jerkers just don't do it for me.
4. I know some people display it for that reason. It causes hard feelings, and celebrates a scar on our history, so I see no reason to fly it in public places. We need to get along, not perpetuate hate.

Drew, enjoy your weekend. Thanks for the blog.

Beejay said...

1. Both of us.
2. Nothing major..carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve, broken bones, etc.
3. No, not that I feel is worth the price
4. I think it may be to some people and not to others. It has historical significance and does belong in a museum as such. I sure am not going further on this slippery slope.

OrbsCorbs said...

1) What's vacation?

2) Plenty of sickness and other problems that have sent me to the hospital, but no surgeries (yet).

3) Can't afford the movies, but I have Netflix, I wanna see An American Sniper.

4) That's a damn good question. As I understand it, the Civil war started for a variety of reasons, mostly economic. Slavery was not the primary cause. Somewhere online yesterday I saw that WalMart (and a mess of other stores) aren't selling anything with the Confederate flag on it, but you can still get T-shirts with Che Guevara on them. However, it's pretty obvious that American black people despise the flag, so get rid of it.

Thank you, drew, for the questions. You guys are headed up north to see family this weekend, right? I hope you have a great time.