Sunday, July 26, 2015

"BBQ outlaws"

Imagine being told that you can grill outside, but the smoke mustn't pass your property lines.


SER said...

I've heard of that before. Someone complained to the police he couldn't open his windows because the smoke from the neighbors grill was coming in his house.

Talk about petty shit...gezzzzz.

OrbsCorbs said...

If the grill was near her window, I could understand, but she's across the street. The County Agent, or whatever he is, said he photographed 3 puffs of smoke headed to her house.

OMG, what if she becomes hungry from the smoke? What if that hunger led to friendships with those BBQing and the complaining woman?

The one guy said there was a cookout across the street, next to the complaining woman's house a week earlier. No complaints then.

I don't think her problem is with smoke or BBQing or grilling or celebration near her house.

I think she doesn't like young, black men.

No watermelon for you!