Thursday, July 16, 2015

"City of Racine attempts to shut down Kenny’s tavern on Main Street."

From Racine Community Media


Toad said...

Orb's, WELL, being a bartender for MANY years, I had a responsibility to NOT serve my customers so many drinks that they could no longer function. I was probably one of the few bartenders known to CUT-OFF, or NOT even serve a drunk. I had NO desire to be the bartender that caused someone to go out, and kill other people, regardless of how they did It. I had a friend that went out In Racine, and got SO drunk that when he got home, he passed out on the bathroom floor PUKED on his back, and DROWNED It It.

I worked at a Hotel that had a cocktail lounge. I had a regular that came In, to stay, and alway's came to the bar, and proceeded to drink as many Miller Light's as he could. One night he had about 16 of them between 6 and 10. I cut him off, because he was stumbling all over the place, when he went to take a pee. He was angry as hell, and the owners scolded me for cutting a guest staying at the Hotel OFF. I QUIT shortly after, when I got a drunken Truck Driver, staying In his truck, at the Truck Stop next door. He became violent, and I just had enough.

THE POINT. The Bartender, The House, have a responsibility to NOT over serve a patron. If Kenny's actually over served these people, the are somewhat responsible, BUT, as we all know, It may have been something else, so WHO know's at this point, but I think the investigation Is certainly warranted.

OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you for your past efforts at cutting off drunks, Toad.

I was in a convenience store once and a guy was buying some beer. He staggered down the aisles. When he got to the counter with his beer, he almost fell over. They sold him the beer anyways, and the guy drove off into the darkness.

At a different convenience store, I was in line behind a drunk who kept shouting how drunk he was. He kept screwing around at the counter and was taking forever. When he finally paid and got his beer, I said, "You're drunk. You drive from here and I'm calling the police on you."

After my purchase, I went out into the lot and the guy was sitting in his truck, but it wasn't running. He watched me leave, then I'm sure he drove off drunk.

Toad said...

Orb's, Up here, the bartenders give people open bottles of beer to take with them to drive where ever they are going. They don't care, and neither does the city. To quote the City Administrator. "If we close the bar, they will just move to another one"