Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Dachshunds compete in Scooter's Annual Wiener Dog Race; proceeds go to animal-rescue groups"

From The Journal

"CALEDONIA — A real wiener won the race.

"But to race organizers, the actual winners are two animal rescue groups who will receive the proceeds from Scooter’s Annual Wiener Dog Race on Saturday.

"Marsha Connet, events coordinator for Katie’s Canine Klubhouse, said the race began as a way to bring attention to rescue organizations, then turned into a fundraiser. Now, 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to HOPE Safehouse and Tailwaggers 911."

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Beejay, is Sable a racing dog or is she above that?


Beejay said...

Sable is a lizard hunting dog! She tracks them down, stalks them, and then it's curtains for them! Spiders don't stand a chance either. Snakes quake when they see her.

Racing? That's for sissies! She is a hunter.

Toad said...

I need a Mole hunting dog. I have never had so many Mole hills.