Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my family!  How are you?  We’ve had heat, rain, and breezes.  That’s summer weather.  “They” are saying it will heat up on Friday, but nothing extraordinary.  Enjoy the weather.  Get out and do something.  Be careful of sunburn.  Use sun block if you’re going to be outside for a long period of time.  When I grew up, Mr. Sun was our friend.  Now Mr. Sun’s UV rays can burn a hole into your brain.  The weather also seems more changeable than it used to be.  If you go out in shorts, don’t forget to keep winter clothing in your car.  Sometimes it changes 20 degrees in just one day.

I am saddened by Mr. OrbsCorbs’ blog below about potholes.  Mr. Mayor is always telling us one thing while doing another.  The city is hurting in many, many ways, but all Mr. Mayor can think about is how to empower and reward his friends with our money.  In case you didn’t know, four more lawsuits were filed against the city the other day.  Mr. Mayor lies and lies and the lawsuits just keep coming.  My God, why are we giving our precious tax dollars to criminals?  There will never be enough money or power for them.  They are the hollow men who are nothing without their clique.

The City Administrator’s raise is another imbroglio and embarrassment that should never have happened.  It’s getting to the point that I’m ashamed to tell people where I live.  I usually say, “Southeast Wisconsin.”  When pressed, I tell the truth.  I can see the disappointment in others’ eyes.  I believe the first thing they think of Racine is pedophiles and corruption.  The vast majority of people in Racine are decent and hard-working.  It’s pathetic that such fine people are led by a criminal cabal.  They take money from the police and firefighters and give it to each other.  If I was Mr. Police Chief, I would’ve been all over Mr. Mayor about the City Administrator’s raise.  Can we really afford to alienate our police and firefighters?  I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future Racine disbands the police and firefighters entirely.  Get a fire extinguisher and a .45, and try to protect yourself.

I’ve not been feeling “up to snuff” lately and I think writing the previous paragraphs have told me why.  The dishonesty at the federal, state, and local levels is literally sickening.  Some people consider human beings to be a parasite on this planet.  I’m beginning to wonder…

Sorry for the tone, dear friends.  Sometimes I can ignore the crimes committed by City Hall, and sometimes I feel within inches of taking out the people responsible.  We are sick and tired of criminals playing games with our lives.

Here, let’s shift gears to something positive:

Things like that really touch my heart and make me glad.  I don’t want to go off on another diatribe, but “Christians” are the only people I know who actively ignore the teachings of Christ while proclaiming their allegiance.  Do you think Christ would rather see a church full of sleepy worshippers, or His people going out and getting involved with others?  Somewhere along the line, actively working to help people was lost in the dust.  I know few true “Christians” and admire the ones I do know.  One opens his house to those in need of refuge and rest, no charge.  They’re out there.  Now we just have to convince them to run for office throughout the nation.

Thanks for reading my “political” blog today.  I am overjoyed that others read this.  I’m overjoyed if I helped.  I love all my readers, Irregular and otherwise.

Report your pothole:

Take care of yourselves, my dears. Racine is party city for those who can afford it.  Too bad they cancelled the Ride the City Waterslide.  Junior was so looking forward to it.  Be safe, my friends and keep the faith.


Toad said...

I recently saw a Facebook post, that showed people planting flowers In the POT HOLES.

kkdither said...

I saw that, too, Toad.

I hate to admit it. I can't turn on the television anymore. I can't read the news. I skip past the articles that talk about the hate. Everything is one side against the other. Hate, hate, hate. I know it is the wimpy way, and does nothing to change our situation, but how much can we fight these larger, well paid, insulated and fierce detractors? By the time we get them (via lawsuits, or whatever) they have already done their dirt. How is it that we are so naive to give them the power in the first place?

Instead, I am practicing kindness. While out yesterday, I stopped and talked to a family with a new baby. I directed my conversation to the big-little brother. He was thrilled that a grown up would hold a grown up conversation with him. Of course, I made eye contact with the parents to make sure they were comfortable with me. You have to be careful nowadays, there are so many strange people.

I say counter the hate with love and kindness. It won't fix the problem in its entirety, but you'll feel better and those around you will feel better. If everyone did it, it could make a difference. It beats grabbing a 45 and a fire extinguisher.

OrbsCorbs said...


kk: I'll take (and give) love and kisses any day.

Mme. Z.: thanks for another wonderful blog.

kkdither said...

When I worked at the grocery store, every year, I'd watch for regular customers who were thrifty with their purchases. I'd choose one at Christmas to do this very thing. A woman checked out with her modest purchase, and I told her... "This one is on me. Merry Christmas." She was irate, saying she didn't need me to buy her groceries. She made a scene, and I got in trouble. Sometimes, you can't win.