Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my delightful friends!  How are you?  The heat of the last week has wilted me, but on Tuesday evening as I write this, it’s in the 70’s with a cool breeze and more summer thunderstorms headed our way.  We can use the water, but not the lightning strikes that knock out power.  Today, Wednesday, is supposed to be even cooler.  That’s fine with me.  It’s always more difficult to get things done when it’s hot and humid.  I just fade from the heat. 

Our mighty Green Bay Packers didn’t fade in their preseason game with the New England Cheaters, I mean, Patriots.  (Is it Patriotic to cheat?)  Our next victims are the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Aug. 23, at noon.  The glorious Packers will defeat them, too.

Locally, the City of Racine continues to gouge residents in any way possible.  They have to take in a lot of money to fight the dozen or so lawsuits against them.  Now they want to increase “fees” on recycling carts after promising us that they’d be free by now.  People are really beginning to get fed up with the BS that Mr. Mayor spews.  STOP lying to us!  The opposition is here.  It might take another lie or incident to coalesce us, but we’re fighting back the lies with the truth.  When the right organizer appears, we’ll take back our city from the liars and thieves and cheats.  I placed the dreaded Zoltar Curse™ on Mr. Lying Mayor.  He just sinks deeper and deeper into the muck of his lies.  If we’re lucky, he’ll drown in it.

Of course, the Journal Times joins Mr. Mayor to rub our faces in their lies.  Hey, JT, think you’re immune from lawsuits?  I know of one that seeks to destroy the JT and damage Lee Enterprises.  Just keep lying to us . . .

OK, that’s enough bile.  I’m in a bad mood, but I shouldn’t let it spill over into my blog.  It’s just difficult to stand by and do nothing as criminals ruin our city.

Here’s an endorsement: Smoke’d on the Water, the boat launch concession stand, is great.  Mr. Caleb Robinson serves up his delicious goodies like always.  The view by the lake is wonderful and the temps are usually cooler.  You can sit outdoors and chat with friends while eating tasty treats.  He also serves beer if that’s your style.  Great prices and local beauty – I love it.

Junior and I visited Smoke’d on the Water last week.  I had to have a Chicago dog because Mr. OrbsCorbs raves and raves about them.  Junior had, I think, a double-order of cheese fries and God-knows-what-else.  The Chicago dog was delicious.  Junior approved of his food, too, by belching loudly.  That boy!

The weather has cooled and I’m feeling a little drowsy.  I think I’ll end this blog right here.

Thank you for reading my blog today.  I love all of my readers.  Someday we’ll have a huge orgy.

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Enjoy the summer weather, friends.  I hate to think that we’re already in mid-August.  Soon enough, the s-word will reappear.  But that’s months off, isn’t it?


lizardmom said...

I love Smoked on the Water, nice spot, great view, good food, and really good guy behind it all. I'm glad it is working out for him and really hope it stays for many many years

kkdither said...

Good morning, dear Madame. Thank you for your blog and sharing what is troubling your mind. While we can't change those circumstances in the short run, perhaps change is in the near future? People are really get fed up with the drain, drain, drain on their pocketbooks.

Expanding further to the state and national, with just an observation: I believe politics have always been run by liars and thieves. Some do it so well, that it is deflected and isn't obvious to the masses where the problem originates. I see that many major news publications, some that are even respected, have recently jumped away from the Walker train. Could it be that there are some who really see through his agenda? It gives me a little hope. Demonizing and blaming the average workers for the problems, calling working citizens, "thugs" is not the reason for our lack of jobs and huge debt we've accumulated. These politicians have spewed this vile, while they spend, spend, spend to benefit special corporate interest. And all the while, profits have skyrocketed to the upper 1%. Enough is enough! And even some (very few) corporate CEO's are starting to see the light.

OrbsCorbs said...

Give 'em hell, Mme. Z!