Friday, August 14, 2015

"Man accused of sending 100 threatening texts in one day"

From The Journal

"RACINE — Ramone Jones did not allegedly reach out to a victim he was ordered not to contact once or twice.

"Rather, the victim estimates Jones sent her more than 100 threatening texts in one day, according to a criminal complaint.

"Jones, 38, of Racine, was charged with felony bail jumping, stalking and felony intimidation of a witness days after he appeared in Racine County Circuit on Tuesday for numerous crimes against the same victim, the complaint said.

"Jones had threatened the victim before he was charged in court Tuesday, previously stating he would put 'heat up to her head,' slang for holding a gun up to her head, the complaint said.

"The threatening texts restarted on Wednesday, adding up to more than 100 texts after he bonded out of jail, according to the complaint.

"Almost every text sent to the victim accused her of being with another man and detailed that the victim could not escape Jones, the complaint said."

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100 threatening texts in a day?  It must be true love.


kkdither said...

I would have to say that would be frightening, to say the least. Nothing to joke about. Glad they locked him back up. He was threatening that he'd shoot her and himself. Sick.

Some of the comments on that rag news site are more than disgusting. Reminds me to be very thankful we've upgraded.

Beejay said...

One hundred threatening text messages? That is beyond frightening. How long can they keep him incarcerated?

OKIE said...

This girl needs to buy herself a gun. I fully believe people like him just get worse and the violence escalates. He will go after her because he will blame her for him being jailed. Sad sad situation.

kkdither said...

I don't usually believe in guns, but I agree with Okie. She needs to protect herself. His incarceration won't end this.