Friday, August 7, 2015

Open Blog - Friday



lizardmom said...

much to do, then off tomorrow, and I can't wait to sleep in!!!

OrbsCorbs said...

I went to see my shrink in Kenosha on Wednesday. My truck was running on fumes. After the session, I stopped at a huge gas station on Sheridan and 52nd St (I think). As I got out of my truck, I immediately noticed two things:

The first was a space on the pump for you to place your hand to ground out any electrostatic charges. The second was this: There is a TV network just for people pumping gas. I betcha this catches on. And on. And on.

Tender Heart Bear said...

LM- Enjoy your day off tomorrow and get some needed sleep.

Daddy Orbs- That is the new thing coming out with the TV on the pumps.

I just found out yesterday I have to be at the hospital at 8:45 Monday morning for my knee surgery. This week Drew and I have been getting the house in order and I have been doing the grocery shopping so Drew and my daughter do not starve while I am in the hospital. I should be home on Wednesday.

OKIE said...

Speaking of gas, we were down to $1.99 for two days and back up to $2.05. No complaints here.

THB - good luck on the surgery.

We finally broke the official 100 mark yesterday. It is pretty toasty outside.

It's FRIDAY!!! Have a great one Irregulars.

kkdither said...

Friday doesn't look like that until it is quitting time. Fridays are usually one of my busiest work days.

I watched some of the debate last night. (yes, I should have my head examined.) I read a comment online that summed it up: plenty of platitudes and no specific details.

Good luck, THB. I know you've worked hard and put up with a lot to get to this point.

SER said...

It's still Friday.

Jan, there are a few of those stations around with static discharge plates and a lot of them have advertisements going on while the gas is pumping.

I been at the place you're speaking of and watch TV, kinda weird at first.

OrbsCorbs said...

Good luck, THB! May everything go smoothly.