Monday, August 24, 2015

Open Blog - Monday

Let's start the caffeine flowing.


lizardmom said...

I guess I rested too much Friday and Saturday night, couldn't sleep last night. Caffeine is the only thing that will be driving me today!

OKIE said...

Ugh Monday. I thought Sunday was bad when Jordy got hurt. Hopefully it is not what they think it is.

Only 9 more hours and my work day will be done. Sob.

kkdither said...


SER said...

I charge up the pot at night, set the timer and it comes on at 8am and off at 9;30.

Don't dare over cook no no no no.

I'm such a bum, i go downstairs, get a cup (big one in a insulated cup) some P&J on an English muffin, take it back upstairs, eat the muffin, drink the coffee and now i can really sleep for a couple more that's sick, but i love it