Thursday, August 13, 2015

Open Blog - Thursday

I like mine twice baked.


lizardmom said...

long, but good day yesterday. It was a great day to hit up the state fair. pig races and a sea lion show, fun fair food, and good weather. it was getting a bit hot when we left and I got just a wee bit too much sun, but great fun!

Tender Heart Bear said...

I just want to let everyone know I am home and I am getting around with the help of a walker. Believe me Drew is taking very good care of me and he will not let me do anything as long as he is home. I also have my daughter here until the end of the month so I do have the help. I am on two pain killers and I do start physical therapy on Monday. I will keep you up to date on how I am doing.

Thank you Daddy Orbs for posting about my surgery.

kkdither said...

My favorite store had Panda on the shelf as a "special buy" item. I might be good for a year. I'm sure everyone thought I was Irregular (in many ways. Lmao!)

I tried to pull a few weeds in the yard while out watering my plants. It was really hot in the sun. The fair might have killed me. I'm really getting less and less tolerant of the heat with each passing year. I'm asking Santa for a climate controlled bubble.

Beejay said...

I pulled a couple weeds yesterday as well, kk. It was and is so damn hot here. Ninety-one 'feel like' temp at 6:00 a.m. Crazy.

Working at the house (inside today). Have had people here since last Sunday. A friend is moving to Bradenton and needed accommodations until his furniture arrives, which is tomorrow. He and his cat, Phat, are residing in our 'Jungle Room.' Phat is a Maine Coon Cat and is so mellow. I like cats, just not litter boxes. As long as I don't have to deal with that part of Phat, he is welcome here.

Funny to see Sable and Phat playing. Well, at least Sable thinks it is playing! Phat just lies around on the the tile looking like the King of the Roost!

OKIE said...

This morning while out feeding the birds I noticed not one, not two but three hummingbirds. I am in seventh heaven. They are quite playful. It's been a long time since we had this.

Great news for you THB. I hope the recovery is speedy.

Stay cool Irregulars. We are going back under the heat dome with no rain in site.

kkdither said...

A potato has it made, now. With the invent of the microwave, it can get baked in less than 4 minutes.

Toad said...

I hate the heat, and am waiting for the snow. My dimwit neighbor SCALPED his lawn, I guess so the sun could burn It faster? Mine grew about a half inch since the last time I cut It a month ago. Hell, It's not grass anyhow, but It's green, sort of, maybe kinda like Packer colors?

KK, I happy you found "Panda" I told my wife a month ago or so, about the stuff, but couldn't remember the name. Maybe I'll buy a batch on Amazon?

Beejay, You have to be the easiest Hostess on Earth? I never knew anyone that welcomes people like you do. Your amazing. I see they tore down the building my wife, and I lived together In sin, back In 1971. 2500 Jacato Dr. An address that will live In Infamy. It actually was a nice apartment.

Hey OKIE, Did you show Mr. OKIE, that HUGE Walleye my daughter caught In Canada last week? OH, how I wish I had a BIG Walleye Fillet to bake.

THB, Be sure to MILK that pain for as long as you can. OOO, OOO.

Liz, Be sure to teach your people how to cook those NEW bigger All Beef patties. I want Hot Dogs on the menu. Ya know, they consider the Mickey Ds here to be In a tourist area, so they charge 10%+ more on ALL menu items. It's nuts. We have It made here. Wendy's isn't clean, Taco Bell Is about the same, Culvers Is OK, but WAY too expensive, and McDonald's Is also too expensive for the product you get. We are just plain out of luck.

Beejay said...

Toad, Doug, his mother, and I owned that building until about 1998. We sold it after someone pointed a gun at me. I sometimes wonder where I got the guts to walk those halls! We evicted so many druggies, etc...when we sold it, I think there were 8 occupied apartments.
Finding shell casings clogging up the vacuum cleaner made me a bit edgy. Lol. The apartments were nice sized. We did have a lot of nice tenants throughout the years but at the end, the bad were trying to take over the street. I always felt that they needed to have all those buildings managed by one owner with onsite personnel 24 hours a day. I wish the new owners the best. I think with the COP House and WAR involved, they may succeed.

Hostessing isn't hard. I have good friends and I enjoy having them around. I run a relaxed ship. Lol. Give folks enough food, drink and laughter. That makes us all happy.

OrbsCorbs said...

A Maine Coon is a big cat. I'm glad that Phat and Sable get along.

THB, I hope you have a wonderful recovery.

It's HOT out there.

Toad said...

Beejay, I remember the apartment well. It had this interesting carpeting. It was pretty new, but It was a multi colored, and I mean multi colored kind of Berber. We had a bottle of wine that stood about 4 foot tall, standing near the door, and It got knocked over, and the 3 foot neck broke off, and the wine blended right In with the carpeting. Nice stuff. The only problem we had, was the girl across the hall, NEVER shut her door, so her kids could run all over the place. That was really the only issue we ever had. It must have been all downhill after we moved, to the corner of Jacato, and I think Romayne. We were upstairs right on the S.W. corner. Thats where we lived when my wife was diagnosed with MS. Matter of fact, I saw today, In the obits, the Dr. that diagnosed her died. You owned that one also. It was quite nice.

SER said...

I have never heard of a Maine Coon Cat. I had a Manx "Archabald " was his name. Back legs longer then his front and no tail and he was FAST.