Saturday, August 1, 2015

Open Blog - Weekend

Have a good month.


lizardmom said...

I'm up. I finally was able to see ms Froggy's new place, helped move some stuff yesterday, got put on dishes detail, I'm happy for them and the new life they are beginning to build together. The thing that amazes me, they are both 1st borns, which usually but heads, but he's one of the mellowest 1st borns I have ever met! They're a good pair. The UHaul move is tomorrow, so they should be mostly moved. She will live there and get the place settled, so by the wedding, it's like home. Exciting days ahead! Company here today. After this weekend, things should settle down quite a bit, I'm tired already!

OKIE said...

August already. A few more weeks and football starts. I'm not ready. Maybe because it is hot outside. Oh well.

Have a great weekend Irregulars.

OrbsCorbs said...

Yeah, seeing stories in the paper on the Green Bay Packers seems weird.

We have the hots, too, but it probably won't compare with OK or FL.

SER said...

I'm getting all types of ads in the mail for "Back to School" sales and I'm thinking WHAT, that's not for a while yet...WRONG.

It makes me think winter is coming and that really sucks

OrbsCorbs said...

In a flyer for indoor parking places tacked to all the bulletin boards here, the manager wrote, "Winter is just around the corner."

Hell, no. Please.

kkdither said...

Orbs, if it is just around the corner, I hope the block is very, very long.