Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Should Racine Unified Randomly Drug Test Students?"

From Racine County Eye:

Credit: Racine County Eye

 By Heather Asiyanbi in Community, Schools · August 20, 2015

"Crivitz High School is now amongst a handful of Wisconsin schools that randomly drug test students who are involved in extracurricular activities and/or park their cars on school property.

"Supporters of the move say the testing will help identify students who are using drugs and may be at risk for greater trouble down the road.

"'We have a growing drug problem in Marinette County and in talking with the police force and talking with school administrators and other conference athletic directors, I just felt that as a school we could do something to try to deter students,' Crivitz Athletic Director and varsity football Coach Jeff Dorschner told WBAY Channel 2 News.

"Opponents say the drug testing is an invasion of privacy, but most parents the news station spoke with agreed with the new policy.

"Testing will be done every two weeks in groups of five randomly chosen student numbers. Urine samples will be collected at school and tested immediately. Results will be confidential, and students will not be expelled, but their parents will be involved, the story continues.

"If a test comes back positive, the student receives a code violation, has to sit out activities and attend counseling.

"Additional Wisconsin high schools that randomly drug test students include Kimberly, Florence, and De Pere."

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kkdither said...

My comment from earlier in the day on RCE:
The only way I can yes to that, is if we choose to be a police state. Schools deal with students and substance abuse every day when problems arise. To put that random burden on schools and to heap anxiety on kids is not the way to handle it. I agree that the parents are the ones who should be in control of this, if they deem there is a reason.

OKIE said...

What KK said.

OrbsCorbs said...

I like this comment on the article: "Seems schools and government are taking away our rights one by one. It's time to take a stand when they want to parent our kids. Maybe they should test teachers and school board members instead." Right on!

kkdither said...

They already bring in dogs and sniff the purses, coats, and cars in the teacher lots. Does this happen at any private businesses?

As long as we are talking about board members. I would like to personally thank the two current board members who stood up for what they believe is right. They walked out of the school board meeting and prevented a vote from occurring, after being told the highly debated item in question would be removed from the agenda (which it wasn't) This vote would have been skewed, since several opposing board members were on vacation, and would not represent the true view and opinion of the full board. Dirty politics are happening all over, not just on the senate floor.

From my point of reference, schools don't want to parent kids. The problem lies in that neither do a growing number of parents.

SER said...

I read something about testing students a couple years back and then I wasn't for it or against it.

Unified is not a police department and does not need to test students; and there is a cost which would be added and we (the community)does not need to have their taxes raised.