Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Talgo to keep trains, get $10 million more in settlement"

From JSOnline:

"Madison — Wisconsin taxpayers will end up paying $9.7 million more for two state of the art train sets — for a total of roughly $50 million — but leave the trains with their Spanish manufacturer, under the settlement of a nearly three-year-old lawsuit.

"The settlement, which still needs to be approved in court, ends a political saga going back half a decade.

"The bizarre and expensive outcome for Wisconsin — paying for a product but not keeping it or ever using it — reflects the depth of the political disagreement in which Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle signed, and then GOP presidential candidate and Gov. Scott Walker nixed, a no-bid contract with Talgo Inc. for trains from Madison to Milwaukee and then on to Chicago

"The manufacturer ended up suing Walker and Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb seeking a clean title to the trains — and also sought an additional $10 million as a final payment on them — and has reached a settlement that largely achieves that, said Lester Pines, an attorney for Talgo. If the manufacturer is able to sell the trains, it will return 30% of the net proceeds of the sale, up to a limit of $9.7 million, to Wisconsin.

"Spokespersons for the Walker administration and the state Department of Justice did not respond to requests for comment late Wednesday. But Pines confirmed details of the settlement and provided a copy of a stipulation in the case that was signed Wednesday by both sides and that will be filed in Dane County Circuit Court Thursday."

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The taxpayers take it in the ass again.  No money for basics, but plenty of $ for the fat cats.  They just cost us $10 million.  Will anyone do anything about it?  Hell, no.  We are the sheeple.  The pigs know we won't do anything, so they just keep thieving from us.

"...two state of the art train sets — for a total of roughly $50 million..."  That's what we paid, $50 million for trains we'll never use or even see.  That, my friends, is insanity.


kkdither said...

This was yet another reason I froze my tootsies off while protesting against him, several times. Yes, Im a thug, because I refused to blindly follow his poorly thought through, and fiercly funded, corporate big shot plans. Refusing the transportation upgrade was part of his "don't take any federal money" campaign message. Well, it cost us big time in the end. Just like we predicted.

SER said...

castrate him