Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Did you push my button?

At 6 PM yesterday, Tuesday, Sept. 22, someone hit my apartment's buzzer.  It buzzed and buzzed and buzzed.  I kept hitting the enter button, but the buzzing persisted.  In our building, the intercom to the lobby is permanently broken, so I don't usually let enter the occasional buzzer.  Sometimes people hit the wrong buzzer.  Sometimes it's kids hitting all of the buttons in the hopes that one will let them in.

Today, they kept at it, so I finally walked down to the lobby.  There was a kid there waiting for his pizza delivery.  He was looking at some sort of small screen toy like a smart phone or a tablet.  I asked him if someone had just been there and he said, "Yes."  I asked, "A guy or a girl?" "Guy," he said.

So, if that was you, next time push my buzzer thrice and head to the front door, putting your hand on the handle.  You should be able to feel the click to let you in. (It's subtle.)  I'll come down to meet you.

I wish the old telephone intercoms worked, but I know how susceptible to breakdown entry systems can be.  They should go wireless 


OrbsCorbs said...

On second thought, leave me alone.

kkdither said...

I sadly, don't answer the door anymore. If I look out and don't recognize you.... I just won't answer. I would never buy something someone was selling, anyway. I don't want to be solicited; I'll seek out what I need, myself. There are too many weirdos and crooks out there.