Wednesday, September 23, 2015



lizardmom said...

dogs are just happy to be with you, color or not. That's why I just love them!

OrbsCorbs said...

Doggerz! I love them, too, but I've always lived in apartments and I don't think that's fair to a dog. If you have even just a backyard, you have somewhere a dog could run.

Growing up (with no yard whatsoever), I adopted the neighbors' dog as mine. Our families were friendly with each other like family.

Teddy (the dog's name) was a great dog. He was Labrador Retriever and something else. Good hunting dog. I really loved him as a child and sometimes I would just sit with Teddy and talk to him. He was THE dog of my childhood.

After he passed, they had a number of other dogs, but none of them measured up to Teddy.

Beejay said...

Our Sable (she's not a DOG) makes us happy. She somehow knows when we are sad or upset and snuggles up to us appropriately. She is a comic as well.

Toad said...

I love the cartoon, but wonder HOW they know that they only see In Black and White?

kkdither said...

My dog was bilingual and knew how to spell.

I love (most) dogs. I just couldn't handle the end. I would never have another because of it.