Friday, September 11, 2015

Four for Fridays!

I am doing the Four for Fridays Drew has been working ten hour days this week and he also has to work tomorrow. He was so tired last night he took a nap and forgot about the questions. So I decided this morning to figure out some questions to ask if any of these questions have been asked already I am so sorry. I know how some of you look forward to the questions. Here they are-

1) Do you remember what you were doing on 9/11?

2) Do you like to go out for a long drive just looking at the Fall colors?

3) When you are down and sad what do you do to try to make yourself happy?

4) Have you ever been in a food fight?

I hope everyone has a great day!


Toad said...

1. I was at work, and initially thought It was a joke. When I got back to my computer, and the news, it was no joke, and pretty much made me sick. It was now Noon time, so I went to the local Catholic Church, and was met by a man painting the railing, just like nothing happened. I went inside, said a prayer, and left. I went from the church to the Tavern for a shot or two of Vodka to calm down, and went back to work. It was a very sad day.

2. Yes, Doing so quite soon.

3. I don't have an answer, but need one badly. I am currently In a very deep funk.

4. Not really. I have however been on the throwing end of a peeled hard boiled egg.

OKIE said...

At first I was home watching it on TV. Then went to work and saw the towers fall. Sad sad day.

It's hard to do that down here. One day there are leaves and the next day the trees are bare. (Oklahoma wind).

I listen to music. Always puts me in a good mood. Or I go outside and listen to the birds.

I don't think so.

Thanks THB. You are a good person for helping out this week.

kkdither said...

1. Yes, in a classroom trying to calm frightened students, putting on a calm front when my own instincts told me to go gather my own children.

2. Love it.

3. The JTI and my friends here, can usually bring a smile to my face. They've helped me through some really tough times over the years.

4. No. We were taught that food is blessing in life, and not to squander it. There are too many who don't have the assurance of a full stomach that we have.

Great job, and great questions, THB! Thanks for filling in for the hardest working guy.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I guess I better answer my own question before I go for physical therapy and then after that we are going to Whitewater to pick up my daughter she has a dentist appointment on Monday to get two teeth pulled. Oh yea fun for me.

1) I was living in Shawano but on my way to Clintonville to pay my cable bill.

2) I love going for long rides in the Fall to look at the color changing and taking pictures to share with everyone.

3) Listening to music or just being with loved ones.

4) Yes I was in High School also my older sister and my son love to start one on the Holidays.

Thank you everyone for being nice about me posting the questions this week. I could not see letting everyone down with no questions.

Beejay said...

1. Watching Good Morning, America at our home in Sturtevant. Scared the heck out of me. We drove to FL later that week. We left at 4:00 a.m. I wanted to get through Chicago. I didn't think that it would stop after one day.

2. Well.....not in Florida, but, we go to SC in October! Beautiful colors.

3. I try very hard not to be sad. If I feel down, I take a walk, ride my bike, cuddle my dog.

4. Let's not talk about my wedding, okay?

lizardmom said...

I'm late to the party, my morning flew right by me... so has the whole day, geesh!

1. I was at work. When the 1st plane hit, everybody felt like it was a horrible accident. After the 2nd plane, we knew it wasn't coincidence. The mood grew somber and heavy, except for those than hadn't heard anything yet. What a frightening, horrible day in our history, never forget!
2. Drive, yes, long drive, not likely
3. Either turn up the radio/CD, or go to my happy place down by the lake, just sit and be, til I feel better. If those aren't options, call my sister
4. Not that I can recall. Water fights, yes, back in my early days at work at night, had to be after close and with the right people, made the night go by quicker and more fun
Good job, THB!

OrbsCorbs said...

1) A friend and I were driving to Chicago. We didn't have the radio on. When we reached Lake Shore Drive, I noticed a lot of cops at every intersection. We stopped and asked one what was going on. He said the World Trade Center was bombed and we had to evacuate the Loop. It was weird, heading west and seeing thousands of people doing the same. This is one of those events that you always remember where you were when you heard about it, like the JFK assassination.

2) I used to, but driving is no fun for me any longer.

3) Sleep. My depression has been terrible the last few months. I take all the pills that my shrink prescribes, but I still end up crying once or twice a night.

4) Nope.

Thanks, THB, for filling in for drew, and thanks to drew for being such a nice, hard working guy.

Toad said...

Orb's, Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Something Is causing It. I'm going to blame Scott Walker, and Donald Trump. Try to think of other things that don't bother you. BOOB'S for instance. BIG BOOB'S think of those. Try to remember all the girls, and women you have had eye's for In your lifetime, and all the SILLY things you did or said to them, while trying to get close, so to speak. I used to tap them on the shoulder, and say something brilliant like, "see ya again maybe" What a dork I was. In all of our years, we have so many silly stories, I'm fairly certain a book would be gravy. Cheer up buddy, at least you didn't get shot at today.

OrbsCorbs said...

Something is causing my depression? I know what's causing it, but that doesn't help. My loneliness for my mom and sister are part of it. I also carry a huge load of remorse for what I've done with my life. You can't change that shit.

kkdither said...

We all carry burdens, loss of those who leave us too soon, regrets we have of choices made. For myself, I make an effort and try very hard to GIVE more every day, than I TAKE. I see young people struggling with grown up problems and have to say to myself that over my life, I dealt with less than many others, that it will be okay, and I'm here for a reason. Hang in there, friends. Surround yourself with things you like, things and people who feed you mentally. That which gives you calm. Life is moving, life is a living entity, change your daily routine. This, too, shall pass. This, too, shall pass. This, too, shall pass. Your friends here love you.