Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Life is fragile, handle with care

At first, I wasn't going to post anything about a horrible situation that has hit our family.  After thinking it through, I decided if it could prevent one death, it is necessary.

Last Sunday, while vacationing with her sister in Door County, my sister-in-law was stung by a bee. She immediately felt ill, told her sister she was dizzy, and collapsed in front of a restaurant.  CPR was started immediately, a first responder was walking down the sidewalk and jumped in and assisted. She never regained consciousness.  My poor brother has to do the most heart wrenching thing any spouse has to do.  Signing a form giving permission for life support to be removed is something I hope no one in this group ever has to do!  I've done it, I know the second guessing that you live with afterwards.  

To our knowledge, she hadn't had much of a reaction to bee venom.  Or, perhaps, had never been stung.  She was in perfect health.  

Please, if you've ever had even a minor reaction to an insect bite, discuss this with your doctor.  I had a bad reaction to fire ants.  I dismissed it as a one time thing.  I called my doctor.  He prescribed an epi-pen.  Turns out, I've been extremely lucky.  

Our family is devastated by this loss.  


Toad said...

BeeJay, First of all, my sympathy to all of you for such a horrible incident. I too have had to make the decision of life, and It Is as you know terribly difficult. The advice you give Is VERY important. I was recently at an auction, and was stung by a Wasp, and the pain was terrible. Of course I didn't remember ever being stung by a Wasp before but have been stung by Bee's. Well, being out In the country, I could only wonder, and decided to leave, because I was concerned, because I had no idea how long the reaction takes. I turns out, nothing happened, but It made me wonder, WHY do they teach CPR, but a person cannot buy an EPI pen, and LEARN how to use It, and get a bunch of them out In the public, to use, If someone Is having a KNOWN reaction. Again, this Is really a sad story.

OKIE said...

I am so sorry for your loss Beejay. So terribly sad.

I was stung in the tongue by a bee once. We were at an auction where there were bee hives. And food. As I put the roast beef in my mouth I knew immediately there was a bee with it. My tongue swelled up but not enough to cause problems. I kept ice on it for a while and then everything was fine.

hale-bopp said...

So sorry to hear that.

I keep my CPR first aid certifications up to date and they have added epi pen training to it There should be epi pens everywhere there is an AED.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Beejay I am so sorry to hear about this.

I am allergic to bees and I carry the epi pen with me all the time. I was stung by a wasp coming home from up north during the summer. I went straight to the hospital to get checked out. It is very scary when you know that you are allergic to them. But since my doctor gave me the epi pen I feel a lot safer being outside.

MinnesotaChick said...

I'm so very sorry Beejay. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. {{{hugs}}}

OrbsCorbs said...

Sorry for your loss, Beejay. What a terrible thing.

I know a guy who was stung in the neck on his way to the Alano Club. When he got there, he mentioned the sting, got some coffee, sat down and passed out. Thank God he mentioned the sting, as he has a history of heart trouble and I'm sure that's what first responders would've looked at. He recovered in the hospital. He didn't know he was allergic.

Personally, I've been stung numerous times in the landscape. The itching afterwards is worse than the sting.

kkdither said...

Such a tragic event. I'm so sorry. Sending my love to you, your brother and all that will be directly impacted by this horrible accident. Epinephrin is not an over the counter drug, nor can it be administered lightly. The consequences and side effects can be deadly, themselves. Tragically, it just can't be in everyones medicine cabinet or purse, no matter how we feel about it.

As for stings, I believe I've only had a fly by grazing, never a full blown sting. They say the number one way many get stung is drinking soda or beer from a can. Often times, the bees or wasps get inside the can where they can't be seen.

Beejay, I've had to make that decision you mentioned. the questioning never leaves you.

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Beejay said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that bees were more active in late summer in WI. I remember putting out beer traps for them.

Judy was stung on the arm. Rubbed it and that was when it all went crazy.

Thanks for your condolences. We are all hurting, but none more than my brother. Times like this make you wish you weren't a close family. We feel his pain.