Saturday, September 5, 2015

"Miami Police Officer Makes Emotional Facebook Video"

"Miami, FL - From Lydia Marquez 'I may get in trouble for doing this video but I needed to speak out about all these things that are happening to my PD family. Please feel free and SHARE MY VIDEO'"

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kkdither said...

It is emotional. I work with police officers. After the Colombine School shooting, and a more than powerful presentation on what would happen in our school building if a scenario broke out, one of my very good friends stopped by for a short conversation. We spoke about the state of the world and his newly born child. He was very emotional, of course, and spoke about questioning his job choice, in light of his responsibility to his family.

It isn't easy working with the public. In any fashion. You never know who will have a bad day and how their bad day could be your worst day. But then again, like she said, "She cares." She cares about those who need her. We should be thanking all public employees. Police are people, nurses are people, teachers and bank and store cashiers are people with families, too. It saddens me that right now, there is so much antagonism and division and this even needs to be said.

lizardmom said...

I think the majority of the people are trying to distance themselves from all this racist crap, while the media is constantly making everything about race and ethnicities. I see people for who they are inside, how the treat people, not for how they look. We all bleed the same color, cut us open and we all look the same. The level of disrespect for our fellow humans is at a very sad all time high. Such a scary society we live in. Shame on the media for there divisive spins.