Saturday, September 5, 2015

Open Blog - Weekend

Get out the brats and the grill.


kkdither said...

Haven't had my yearly brat on the grill, yet, either. Is there a theme in these, here blogs? ;>

We missed our summer JTI picnic. I need some spicy, honey chicken wings, Drew. I need a SER grilled brat, and some egg rich potato salad (me) and all the other JTI fixings... and of course the non-stop jabber. There is always non-stop jabber.

lizardmom said...

Let's get something in the works, how does Saturday, Sept 26th look for everybody? I need to get past the wedding before I can think of much else, but I'm in for bringing dessert :) I can bring some burgers and buns/onion/ketchup/mustard/plates/cutlery and napkins (just took 'inventory' of what we have downstairs) we're having a circle thing tomorrow, so my 1st 'official' cookout is actually then. I'm way behind!

OKIE said...

I want to come!

Right now I'm dealing with a cat that showed up. He's pretty sweet. Dog doesn't think so. Honestly don't know what I am going to do. Post her picture on Facebook to see if anyone has lost her. Last night she was scratching on the back door wanting in which makes me think she belongs to someone.

OrbsCorbs said...

Happy weekend.