Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my warming trend friends!  How are you? 74 degrees tomorrow, 58 on Friday.  Ah, the schizophrenia of autumn.  Hot/cold, sunny/overcast, rain/snow, windy/still – it kind of reminds me of me, always changing my mind.  I’ll gladly take whatever warmth and sunshine we can squeeze out of this fall.  I’ve noticed some trees beginning to turn color, but not much yet.  Anyway, I rely upon Ms. Tender Heart Bear to post pictures of the most beautiful trees and shrubs.  When I was younger, I loved fall.  I still like it, but the foreshadowing of winter clouds every day.  Ha!  Here we haven’t even had a flake of the s-word, and I’m already complaining.

There’s no complaints about the Green Bay Packer’s win over the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday past.  Our magnificent and valorous Packers continue to stomp their opponents.  This Sunday, October 11, it’s the St. Louis Rams’ turn to be shredded by the dreaded Pack, at noon, at Lambeau Field.  Go, Pack, go!

Below are the current standings in the Irregular Fantasy Football League: (Click to embiggen.)

My Screaming Psychics are in third place.  What happened to Mr. hale-bopp’s Half-Astrophysicists?  Last year, he took first place.  Today, his team is at the bottom.  Such are the fortunes of war, and football is war.

I see where the city's insurer is paying out $1.3 million to settle the "bar lawsuit."  That's it.  I'm suing the city for something or the other and getting some "free money."  Now, I just have to figure out what I'm going to sue them for.  Too bad you can't sue elected and appointed officials for being idiot assholes.  Then we'd all be rich.  I wonder what Mr. Mayor's lawsuits are going to do to our city's insurance premiums and/or bond rating?

Sometimes I have to fight the depression that fall triggers in me, and the best way of doing that is writing for you, my dears.

I found this online and had to share it with other cat lovers:

Isn't it the truth?  Here we are again with schizophrenic behavior.   Everything is yes or no, 0 or1.  But I must admit that it nails the behavior of both of our cats, Fuck and Dickert.  I've heard that female cats are less changeable in temperament.  Both of our cats are (fixed) boys, so I wouldn't know.

Thank you my dear, dear readers for stopping by to check out my blog this week and to share your knowledge in the comments below.  I love every one of you.  You're my online family.

Want to join Madame Zoltar's Class Action Lawsuit against the city?  Contact:

Enjoy the waning temperate days of 2015.  Now the sun starts to hang low in the southern sky, momentarily blinding many a driver,  Be careful.  Kids going to and from school are a special concern.  The next time someone yells at you in traffic, yell back, "I love you!"  I really do.


lizardmom said...

I, too, fight the blues with the impending cold coming. Maybe deep down inside, we all just want to hibernate til it's over. I could definitely go for that!

Tender Heart Bear said...

Madame- I will be going out and getting the fall color pictures. This year it is coming a little later than usual and I am also going and getting the Halloween pictures.

This past week I went against Mr. Hale and I beat him big time Madame. This year for my quarter back I have Mr. Rodgers so we know I am going to have a good season.

LM- Lately that is all I have been wanting to do because by our place it has been under construction so I can't go outside here to go for any walks. Then when I talk Drew to work I have to many errands to do that I don't have time to stop anywhere to go for a walk.

OKIE said...

Thank you Madame for your insight on cats. It describes Elmo perfectly. Pet me, no don't pet me. Come back. Oh sorry I scratched you.

Can't say anything bad about the weather. Our grandsons 7th birthday party is always outside and usually it's a little cool. This Sunday it will be in the 80's so a perfect day for a picnic party.

OrbsCorbs said...

I love you, too, Mme. Z.

kkdither said...

With each passing year, the cat descriptors fit me more and more. ;>