Friday, October 9, 2015

Four for Fridays!

Hello to everyone this morning I hope everyone had a good week with some nice weather. I was out taking pictures of the Fall Colors this week and will be posting some of the pictures later. Here are your questions for today.

1) Would you rather have a vegetable garden or a flower garden?

2) When you live in a security building should you be afraid to leave your door unlocked while you are at home?

3) Can you pronounce Indian or Spanish words better?

4) How fast should you go in the left lane on the highway?

I hope you have a nice day today.


kkdither said...

1. I'm Irregular, I mix them together. My roses and lavender live happily with my tomatoes and parsley.
2. Never lived in a security building. I consciously lock my doors more than I used to. Sad that we have to think like that.
3. No habla espanol o hindi.
4. You should not travel in the left lane. It should be used for passing only? At least that was what I was taught.

OKIE said...

1. Vegetable garden in the backyard, flower garden in the front.

2. Never lived in a secure building. But like KK, we do lock the doors all the time.

3. No.

4. As fast as you can.

Toad said...

1. Vegetable.

2. You must be kidding? YES

3. What kind of Indian words? HOW, so I guess It's Indian.

4. The speed limit Is 70. That Is for BOTH lane, although the LEFT lane Is meant for passing, and you can be fined If you stay In the LEFT lane and impede traffic.

Tender Heart Bear said...

1) I would like to have both.

2) Yes we do because no one in or building know how to keep the upstairs door shut. Also the neighbor across the hallway his friends had just walked into our place.

3) I know how to pronounce more Indian words than Spanish.

4) I think as long as you are doing the five over the limit you should be able to drive in any lane.

lizardmom said...

1. flowers, I have rarely, if ever, seen a pretty veggie!
2. secure is what you make it. if some nut got in, you don't want them finding your door unlocked. and who knows, maybe somebody living in the same building is a psycho to be worried about!
3, I don't think I know any Indian, native or otherwise. Where I work, I have picked up some Spanish, and have shared my little bit of German with them. Goes both ways!
4. speed of light, baby, speed of light! :)~

Beejay said...

1. many farmers' markets around this neck and f the woods.
2. I would keep it locked. I've had a neighbor waltz into my home in WI and FL. Creepy.
3. I know some Spanish words and a few Indian. Not good with either.
4. Oh dear....just call me "lead foot." I go ten over the limit. That being said, I stick to the middle lane.

OrbsCorbs said...

1) Flower garden, though I do love growing my own tomatoes.

2) Depends on the building. Where I am now, I probably could leave it unlocked all the time, but I never do. At the old place, I had it locked, dead bolted, and occasionally I would prop a 2x4 against the door if the lobby sounded crazier than usual. I believe you should always lock everything. I've parked next to cars in parking lots with open windows and goodies inside. Stupid.

3) I can swear in Spanish and Arabic.

4) 127 mph.

OrbsCorbs said...

A do-over.

1) I prefer shade gardens with understory tress and shrubs. I also like the lacy look.