Friday, October 9, 2015

"Health: Help On National Depression Screening Day"

By Stephanie Stahl

"PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A checkup from the neck up: Mental health advocates are raising awareness today with the 25th annual National Depression Screening Day. Health reporter Stephanie Stahl has more on how it was marked in our area.

"Instead of suffering alone in sadness, Todd Hopkins is now trying to reach out to others struggling with mental health issues.

"'It feels sad every day,' said Todd. He battled depression for 18 months before he finally got help.

"Now he’s a recovery advocate for the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health, which set up at LOVE Park for National Depression Screening Day."

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Years ago, before I had seen a psychiatrist, I went to St. Luke's where they were offering free depression screenings.

After I took the test, the woman asked if I had a psychiatrist.  I said no.  She also asked if I own a gun.  No, again.

She said my screening results were the worst she had ever seen and she was going to get a psychiatrist to see me right away.  After she left, I did.  I was afraid that they were going to commit me. 

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