Saturday, October 31, 2015

"SC Johnson announces major community support contributions"

From The Journal

"RACINE – Continuing its long legacy of investing in its hometown, SC Johnson on Saturday announced major contributions to aid public safety and literacy efforts in Racine and its suburbs.

"SC Johnson announced Saturday that it has committed to purchase a new bookmobile for the Racine Public Library, which is expected to cost an estimated $250,000, and will also provide its third annual $50,000 donation to support the library’s Battle of the Books, a literature contest for 4th- and 5th-grade students in Racine County.

"The company also said Saturday it has committed to support about 40 hours per week of additional officer presence for a six-year period at the Lakeside Community-Oriented Policing (COP) House in Mount Pleasant. SC Johnson will also purchase 54 new breathing apparatuses for the South Shore Fire Department, which serves Mount Pleasant and Sturtevant, including SC Johnson’s Waxdale manufacturing complex on Willow Road."

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Read the rest of the article.  It's amazing how much the Johnsons give to Racine.  A quarter of a milion dollars for a new bookmobile, to start.


kkdither said...

People are very hard on SCJ. I think a lot of the criticism comes from jealousy. Racine is very fortunate to have such a giving company still viable in this community.

Anonymous said...

The Johnson Family is giving back - and in a more productive use than what the City of Racine and Mayor John Dickert would have blown it on - like another slary increase for his Cousin, but I digress....

There's a time for giving,


A time for taking.

SC Johnson, city emails offer intimate look at how company secured tax exemption

Toad said...

Tricky Dicky, WHO care what tax breaks S.C. Johnson gets. What they provide the AREA In Employment, AND the contributions specifically designated to use, FAR outweighs what they get In breaks. I'm not one, but ask ANY former long time Johnson employee that retired, If they are HAPPY they were lucky enough to work for the company. All of that banter doesn't even include the BEAUTIFICATION of areas of the city, that would otherwise be HORRIBLE, and with the loss of so many GREAT companies over the years, WHAT company best represents your city?

OKIE said...

Beejay posted a link on Facebook regarding Kewpees. I did not know that Sam Johnson helped save Kewpees when the city implemented the eminent domain. Because of his help, he was the only one who had a reserved table at Kewpees.

My opinion is this, without SC Johnson Racine would be a shell.