Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my soaked and soggy friends!  How are you?  I don't know if it will still be raining when this posts, but the national weather map shows a huge system from Canada to Mexico that is making it's way across the US.  Right now, Wisconsin is covered with rain.  It's kind of unpleasant, but thank God it isn't what they have in Colorado: the s-word. I'm dreaming of a white Thanksgiving.  No, not really.  I'm dreading it.  Let's hope there won't be wintry conditions for holiday travelers.

What's happened to our glorious Green Bay Packers?  They've lost three in a row now.  This Sunday, November 22. they meet the hated Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota at 3:25 pm.  Then, on Thanksgiving, they meet arch rivals the Chicago Bears. It's going to be a rough couple of weeks for our Green and Gold warriors.  C'mon guys, quit fooling around.  Crush your opponents.

Here are the standings for the Irregular Football League:

The Racine Irregulars are on top now, with The Mighty Bears and Half-Astrophysicists hot on their trail.  I don't even want to talk about my Screaming Psychics.  Oh my.

While generally I don't discuss at length political views here, I have to share this with you.  It's "old" news, but it's so wrong on so many levels that I feel compelled to say something.

The Des Moines Register ran this story:  "Scott Walker outlaws investigations into ... Scott Walker"

"Former presidential candidate Scott Walker and his friends in the Wisconsin state legislature have figured out a way to deal with bothersome, recurring investigations into political corruption.

"Rather than clean up their act, they have simply passed a law that makes it harder for prosecutors to launch such investigations.

"Walker, the Wisconsin governor who recently dropped out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination, has signed into state law a measure that restricts the use of so-called John Doe proceedings. These proceedings enable prosecutors to obtain search warrants and collect testimony as part of investigations that remain secret until charges are filed. Unlike secret grand jury proceedings, which are more costly, John Doe investigations are authorized by a judge, and it is a judge, rather than a jury, that hears the evidence.

"It’s telling that Walker and his cohorts aren't opposed to John Doe investigations aimed at violent criminals or drug dealers, which will still be permitted under the new law. All Walker & Co. did was prohibit John Doe investigations aimed at politicians and their appointees — i.e., themselves. They did this by barring any future probes into allegations of bribery, corruption and campaign-finance violations."

Read more:

The audacity of Mr. Walker's actions is abominable.  Essentially, he and his staff have put themselves above the law.  Waaaaay above the law.  How is it that no one stands up to this bully?  It's sickening.  I hope our Mr. Mayor doesn't try this, but it's his speed.  Outlaw investigations into myself.  Why didn't I think of that?  Because I'm a caring human being, that's why.  I think that other people are my equals, not ATMs to plunder endlessly.

I've decided to place the dreaded Zoltar Curse™ on him.  This crap has GOT to stop.  When his wee-wee falls off, Mr. Governor may sing a different tune.

This Saturday, November 21, male strippers will appear at Memorial Hall for Racine's "Girls Night Out."  A memorial building built to honor those who fought and died for our freedoms is hardly the place for male strippers, but I've come to expect this sort of trash from the current city administration.  They have no sense of, or respect for, history.  Every time I see Mr. Mayor's face, I think of a used car salesman blaring his spiel on TV.  Slap another coat of paint on a car, put sawdust in the transmission and black pepper in the radiator. Then sell it, Johnny boy, for a huge commission.

Well, that's enough blabbing about politics.  Most politicians are born liars.  I hate their damned guts.  Oh dear.  

But I love you and all the other readers of my blog.  Thank you for taking some time to read it.  I very much appreciate the audience. We are family. 

How do stupid people advance in life?  Ask 

I just looked.  They're predicting 3-5 inches of s-word for us on Friday.  I'm not ready for this.  I hope it doesn't happen.  Calgon, take me away. 


Anonymous said...

I'd like to dedicate a song to Guvn'r King of Corruption Walker... (and his Minions)

The perfect hymn for this f*#ked up situation we are in! The story: I fell in love with a photo of a protest sign I saw in some magazine around August 2008. It simply said:

'Jump You Fockers'

kkdither said...

Some of us stood up against this bully right from the start. We took immense grief, had jeers yelled at us, were called terrorists. In fact, I almost had frostbite toes standing up against his corruption when he was running against the recall. Now, all of a sudden, when it hits the fan, are people noticing his above the law tactics Too little, too late.

Take a good look at what is happening in RUSD. Read and be informed. The administration is following in exactly the same "above the law" manner. Our children are the pawns this time. Yes, I know, I'm just a thug and a whiner.

p.s. Love you, Madame.

Toad said...

NO, I don't think It's legal, and will be overturned at some point, but It's an example of the POWERFUL In our State. 3 or 4 key people can control our entire life, and get away with It. Sadly I feel some of the people that vote for these things are against them, but they are REALLY stuck between a rock and a hard place. They probably live under THREAT?

Tender Heart Bear said...

This week in fantasy football I get to go against Madame Z this will be fun.

Madame Zoltar said...

I'm ready for you, dear.

lizardmom said...

not ready for snow, not now, not ever, can't we just skip it?